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be kind.

sadly, i feel like the world we live in gets more cruel and unkind all the time. although i try to have faith in other people and in my community, sometimes it's hard. sometimes i find myself getting trapped in the negativity; desperately trying to escape and rid myself of unnecessary stress-- of things that should not matter. and it can be hard. do you ever feel this way?  this is one of the first things i noticed when i moved from a rural small, two stoplight town, where everyone knows your name to the big city. and although i do enjoy living in charlotte a lot, i have never gotten used to this difference. i grew up caring what others think about me {maybe a little too much looking back} and genuinely just wanted to be a nice person; someone who always cares about the well-being of my friends and neighbors. instead, i feel like i am surrounded by a world with a focus on superficial things, a lot of jealously, and misconstrued opinions- and it's often hard to watch. i see it everywhere- esp. in the world of social media. i love connecting with others, networking, and enjoy keeping in touch with loved ones {whom i miss dearly.} but sometimes i wonder about the impact it is having on my life? on another note- you look around at an event/dinner/concert and over half {maybe more? at times} of the people are often on their phone; glued to the screen. i find this so sad and very scary in many ways. {and am very guilty from time to time} but am really trying very hard to be better and to live in the moment with people.

i truly bring social media into my life with a grain of salt- trying not to compare my life with others,  to refrain from jealous thoughts, and i honestly don't get upset when people over post {the more the merrier with photos for me!} or post things i don't agree with-- i just simply scroll on. i feel like this is how it was designed to work? let people post what they want to post?  however, around me, i constantly hear comments and i wonder if the world is getting wrapped up in the wrong things? i just feel like a lot of people are putting too much emphasis on things like likes, numbers, images, and comments. these are not my focus and never have been. {this goes with blogging, too} instead, i hope to connect, inspire, encourage, and give love out to others. as a result of feeling like negativity is becoming more prevalent within the online world, i have been taking technology breaks... and i love it. i have mentioned this on here lately, but i have decided to 'unplug' more in the evenings - less phone and more prayer, walks, books, yoga, house tasks, conversations with others. a little bit more living in a way i want to look back and be proud of... this is my own personal way and everyone has theirs- but these are just my thoughts toward a more fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle. this will become even more true when we welcome babies. and because 'home'  for me is almost nine hours away and i want to stay connected with so many people i have known my entire life, i am going to continue social media. however, the balance and focus on other things {things i personally consider more important} are what i am currently focusing on. i have been praying a lot about these thoughts and in the end, i hope i can continue to be myself and just hope to approach life with a kind and gentle heart- always. *even when outside factors aren't always giving out the same vibe.  
what are your thoughts? do you feel the same? if so, how do you continue to maintain what is most important in your life; how do you see light through constant harshness & negativity?
 here are five things i always want to remember: 

1. be kind and friendly

2. forgive others- always.

3. remember your roots

4. work hard- with a smile.

5. put God first.
"forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. see, i am doing a new thing! now it springs up; do you not perceive it? i am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
isaiah 43:18-19
"do not be deceived: evil company corrupts good habits." 1 corinthians 15:33
what are some values that are most important to you?
how do you conquer negativity in an often cruel world?

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  1. I love your spin on the link up! I love all your fives. Great post ♥ Hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are! God bless (:

    1. thank you so much! :) thanks for the kind words and hope the same for you!

  2. This is such a great post! There is so much that is more important in life than social media & technology.

    1. thank you so much! and i couldn't agree more... i appreciate your sweet words, kelsey!

  3. I try to be positive and kind, although it gets tough when I am experiencing bad attitudes of people towards me.

    your succulents look so pretty!

    1. i totally agree and it can be so hard- keep your sweet soul going in beautiful poland, love. xo

  4. I love this :)

  5. Love this post! It's hard stepping back from social media. I only use Facebook and Instagram. I've refused to join Twitter or SnapChat since my 2 other accounts are such a time-suck. I try to cut back. And I am totally with you on the "just keep scrolling" mindset when you don't agree with something or don't like something. It's not my place to say something in a public forum in most cases. And it's always important to be kind. Always.

    1. i totally agree- and you have the sweetest heart. thank you, rachel! i am rarely on twitter and deleted snapchat- it's all about balance :) just keep scrolling, dear friend! xo