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anniversary wishes

today is my parent's thirty-fourth wedding anniversary 
- september 5, 1981-

dear mom and dad,
thank you for all the special, 
little things you do,
for all of the words that sometimes go unspoken
for all of the times you both have been there to stop and listen 
for all of the support and encouragement throughout the years
for teaching me the meaning of compassion between two people 
for sharing in triumphs and tears
i hope you know how grateful i am for you both
and how each day you continue to mean more and more to me. 
thank you. 
i love you both - so much. 
people tell me all the time at home and i know it's true-
i won the parent lottery.
{ps: thank you for a fun, simple childhood in the country- would not trade it for anything.}
enjoy your anniversary and i can't wait to celebrate with you both tomorrow!

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ps: my house smells like hazelnut coffee, cinnamon rolls in the oven, and pumpkin {a candle} - pure bliss. also, so excited for my college roommate {and faithful blog reader!} to come visit today- safe travels from minnesota, meme and matt! 
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  1. This is such a sweet letter to your parents! Sounds like you definitely got lucky with them :)

    1. thank you so much and so lucky :) they are pretty special. have a great week and thank you again for your kind words

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents!!! I hope they got to read this letter too :) You definitely won the parent lottery, I hope one day my daughter thinks the same of Kyle and I.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

    1. thank you!! :) you're so sweet and she will… xo

  3. Wow, 34 years together is wonderful. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!

  4. This is lovely, I am so happy for you and your parents! Love is the greatest thing on this earth, and it's an amazing thing when two people are genuinely happy together. Best of wishes to the rest of their lives together.

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

    1. :) it is the greatest thing. thank you for your kind words <3

  5. Aww, happy anniversary to them! Our 4th anniversary was just on Thursday :)

    1. thank you! and happy anniversary to you :) hope it was wonderful

  6. Beautiful words and Happy anniversary to your parents!