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a grateful heart: so much love.

hi! hope your day is going well. i traveled back from my hometown in ohio yesterday {and had the best time!} i am so excited to share our visit to cincinnati, a beautiful wedding, and our first baby shower for baby boy with you all soon! a lot has happened in the past week and it's so exciting to be able to share with you all. until i share, i just wanted to thank everyone who came out sunday to shower baby boy and i with generous gifts and unforgettable company. it was a special and emotional day- i don't get to see this loving people often and have known them my whole life- so it's hard and sad to leave- but so amazing being able to be with all of them, too. i am so thankful for my parents, sister, and brother who helped put the shower on - it was incredible. thank you. lots of photos and details coming soon! i am so excited to share these events with you. have a great one ♥

hope your weekend was fun and memorable as well
{or relaxing and calm- that's always good, too!}

...what is your heart grateful for this week...

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. Awe I'm glad it was such a great time!

  2. So happy for your happy heart, Nelle! Can't wait to read about your other adventures!