olive june: September 2015

in my passport: cincinnati, ohio + one beautiful wedding!

saturday morning, we strolled through the fancy flea market in oakley- right outside of the city 
it was so lovely.
check out these delicious raspberry, coconut donuts from gadabout donuts
road tripping through the west virginia mountains with a darling magazine {my favorite}
 {and dying over all of the cuteness in the land of nod magazine}
all of the vendors at the market were SO NICE. 
as we walked, they all greeted us from their chairs and it started to stand out to me? 
later in the day, i started to think about it and i couldn't figure out why it was weird to me? i lived in ohio for twenty-four years...? i am just not used to the excessive friendliness anymore. it was refreshing. i had some good chats with a lot of them and loved so many cute items. 
and the blogger in me snapped a few photos...
be kind.
this stand was precious and the gold pumpkin stole my heart
lots of cute kids books
we enjoyed a great brunch at sleepy bee cafe
again, i walked in and instandly noticed a difference in the way people were dressed
it looked like a homage ad
lots of dark rimmed glasses, rich fall colors, vintage ohio state tees 
{hello, game day spirit!}
felt like fall in the midwest and the food/lattes were to die for!!
it's all locally grown on farms in ohio, kentucky and indiana 
and was very flavorful and fresh
that afternoon we had the honor of attending one of the most intimate, personal and beautiful weddings- it was truly an honor. the couple is so loved- and you could feel it in the air all day. i went to college with the bride/she grew up in a nearby small town from my hometown and simply loves {loves} life- so much. she always has a smile on her face and has the most loving heart. there are no words for how beautiful both the hindu and christian ceremonies were...

i absolutely loved all of the personal touches 
and the coming together of two cultures and religions 
the smell of chai tea and incense during the hindu ceremony
while watching such a gorgeous event
is something i will never forget.
mr. monaco and i enjoying time with my college friends- oh, how i missed them! 
my dress is maternity from ASOS
it was blush on the bottom and black on top - and very comfortable!
the florals were out of this world.

the barat
welcome and namaste
the most stunning indian princess
so much love.
we all love you both and your love for one another
i was talking to friends when i looked out and saw this - so i snapped a quick photo:
the estate was perfect for the event 
we ended the evening with delicious indian food, ice cream and lots of dancing
{they wanted other married couples surrounding them as they did their first dance- it was so special- and signifies the selflessness they both exhibit.}
sunday morning before the baby shower
{a post coming soon!}
i had a few moments to spend with my parents over a cup of pumpkin coffee
here is a shot of their backyard
sunday night we enjoyed pizza, a campfire, and the stunning moon eclipse on the patio 
one of my very favorite spots to be - to watch the world go by. 
it's just so peaceful.
where are some of your favorite spots to spend time?

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a grateful heart: so much love.

hi! hope your day is going well. i traveled back from my hometown in ohio yesterday {and had the best time!} i am so excited to share our visit to cincinnati, a beautiful wedding, and our first baby shower for baby boy with you all soon! a lot has happened in the past week and it's so exciting to be able to share with you all. until i share, i just wanted to thank everyone who came out sunday to shower baby boy and i with generous gifts and unforgettable company. it was a special and emotional day- i don't get to see this loving people often and have known them my whole life- so it's hard and sad to leave- but so amazing being able to be with all of them, too. i am so thankful for my parents, sister, and brother who helped put the shower on - it was incredible. thank you. lots of photos and details coming soon! i am so excited to share these events with you. have a great one ♥

hope your weekend was fun and memorable as well
{or relaxing and calm- that's always good, too!}

...what is your heart grateful for this week...

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my five favorite things to do in the fall

1. pumpkin/apple picking: we usually head over to our favorite farmer's market for our summer produce/flowers, fall pumpkins, and christmas tree around late november... however, i really want to find a new place for apple/pumpkin picking around charlotte, north carolina- i know about lazy five ranch- any others you know of? hoping to enjoy some apple cidar, donuts, while also picking up some pumpkins?

2. fall fashion: it's time to get cozy with leggings, sweaters, boots... and absolutely loving the poncho look this season. perfect for my growing bump and the brown/white/black/gray colors are just my style. target has some cute ones that i am loving!

3. the colors: browns, cremes, olive green, plum, and mustard yellow
4. recipes: there are so many hearty squash/pumpkin recipes out there that look delicious. and nothing says fall like a bowl of chilli and a campfire with s'mores. i have high hopes of attempting this soon: a pumpkin spice cheesecake recipe from seasonally jane.

5. host a friendsgiving: i have always wanted to host one! a beautiful mess always posts such amazing inspirations- i would love to get creative and give thanks with some of my favorite charlotte friends.

what about you? 
what do you love most about fall?
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oh baby | twenty-four weeks

how far along? | 24 weeks {six months!}

due date: january 14, 2016

baby's size | a cantaloupe - he is approximately 10.5-11.8 inches long and 12.7-20.8 ounces

gender | a baby boy!
feeling | not as good as the past few weeks but still can't complain... just a little bit more tired than i have been {probably from a new lack of sleep} but again, nothing too bad! overall, i am really enjoying being pregnant ♥
maternity clothes | still a little of both! i am currently up six pounds and it's a mixture for now. thanks for the maternity clothes recommendations ♥

workouts | a few walks- not enough stretching/yoga this week.

sleep | i didn't sleep much sunday or monday night and it was hard to get through the workdays - teaching is no joke when you do get rest! tuesday night, i took half of a unisom pill around 11pm and it worked amazingly... i wasn't too groggy in the morning and was able to sleep. i have a new feeling of empathy towards those who suffer from insomnia and i feel so bad for anyone who goes through that regularly... 

cravings | well... i have been wanting a lot of things that are not good for me but have been trying to restrict and eat as healthy as possible. {we are talking about all of my favorite junk foods: peanut butter cups, doritos, sour patch kids, swedish fish, strawberry blizzards, chimichangas, etc} i want it all.
fun facts | his see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque and it's got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.

movement | lots!! he loves to move around and dance at night - mr. monaco has been able to feel him several times this week- yay!

miss anything | still beer more than anything. 
best moment of the week | spending saturday morning at the market, an afternoon with friends, organizing his room a little bit and then enjoying a netflix bender with mr. monaco that evening 

looking forward to | a weekend in the midwest. i absolutely love going there in the fall and can't wait to spend time with family and friends - while enjoying a wedding and our first baby shower!

how's dad? amazing. i am so proud of him lately... he is trying so hard to help me out in any way possible and it melts my heart- thank you.

next appointment | friday, october 16 {i will be 27 weeks and it will be glucose testing time- prayers already for that, please!}  


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