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beach snapshots

 today i am sharing a few iphone snapshots from our beach trip in south carolina last week 
...i will let the photos do the talking...
our nephew, cameron james, sleeping  so peacefully on me under a tent on the beach
i fell so much more in love with this little man last week
he is precious and so good
 i went to a boutique and consignment shop with my sister-in-law {love spending time with her!}
these little bow ties were to die for!
 we spent some time on thursday night at a hidden gem 
it was tucked away underneath lots of big trees and had a cool, eclectic feel
there was live music- market lights- people enjoying cocktails
it's simplicity- yet fun- atmosphere reminded me of home so much. 
 mr. monaco and his 90 year old grandma
 her parents were so appreciative of my daily photo shares 
that i took quite a few of her and her brother- plus she's so cute.
baby boy loved the beach - 18 weeks
 yesterday i shared some motherhood inspriations in my life
this amazing mom is another one- she makes it look so effortless and is so graceful
i admire her and just wish we lived closer!
tiny baby toes 
beach life selfie 
i thought this little tooth fairy {for a boy} was so cute!
there was also one for little girls
 aunt nellie loves a good snuggle 
a delicious dinner at frank's 
i read where'd you go bernadette on the beach and really enjoyed the humor!
have you read it?
 mocktail hour
 "smell the sea and feel the sky
let your soul and spirit fly."
 - van morrison 

hope you are having a great day!
 what are your favorite things to do at the beach?
as a kid, i loved staying on the beach until late in the evening
{absolutely love it when the sun goes down and the sand becomes cool}
 walks on the beach at night with my sister
beer butt chicken for dinner
my dad making {virgin and then non-virgin} cocktails and bringing appetizers out to the pool
playing lots of games and having a family puzzle 
{we always work on it throughout the week- sometimes late into the night #addicts}
seafood dinners out
watching them make salt water taffey at barefoot landing
putt putt golfing 
and most importantly, forgetting all your cares for a week.
check in tomorrow for the winner of my latest giveaway - thanks to the outline apparel company!

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  1. Love the selection of the photos!

  2. Such great pictures!

  3. You're making me miss the beach awfully! Looks beautiful.
    I did read Bernadette, and loved it! The perfect mix of mystery, humor, and realism - it was one of my first blog book reviews way back when!

    1. Thank you and it was beautiful! That's awesome about your review- once I finish it {almost done} I will have to read your post! Thank you so much for stopping in!

  4. looks like the most fun family filled vacation! i love family at the beach! reminds me of being a child!

    1. i agree! :) it always brings me back to childhood, too!