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august goals

 it’s here! august… the month of back to school! {but first a trip to the beach for a week! yay!} i plan to take a technology break next week while we enjoy some beach time, but will be blogging some in the mornings {with a cup of black coffee and a view of the ocean- some of my very favorite things!} not to be a complete downer, but august has always been my least favorite month of the year, by far. i am not a heat person and it's usually the hottest month of the year in the carolinas {although it's been close to 100 degrees here since early june- with hardly any rain} i would rather have cooler temps and even some rain! so i have been dreaming about fall- october and december are my favorites months- and even november down here {it's beautiful!} give me some boots, a sweater, football, crisp air, colorful trees and campfires. i think i have mentioned this before? but i secretly spray pumpkin air freshener throughout our house around this time each year- while dreaming of fall. is this weird?! at the end of the day although august brings nervousness about a new school year and usually a lot of change, i have decided to go in with a positive mind. i am excited to see my co-workers, meet new students, and begin my ninth year of teaching middle school. i set my classroom up {for the most part} this week- which felt amazing. july went by so fast! do you agree?
here are five goals for this month: 
- start to journal and create baby boy's scrapbook {i started yesterday!!} michael's had all project life materials for 40% off + my 15% off teacher discount! so excited to begin. i will be sharing my pages and progress with you all as i create… again, any project life advice?! {i would love you forever!}
- fast from social media often {esp. at night/on the weekends by only going on for a few minutes a few times a day- i still want to keep in touch with loved ones/bloggers} and in exchange, i hope to read, workout, organize, and spend time with my husband 
- stay calm and enjoy the beginning of the school year - no matter what comes my way! 
- read at least two books and continue morning devotionals {focused prayer on a healthy pregnancy and the health of my loved ones}
- create healthy meal plans for the week on sundays and continue to drink lots of water!!
...what about you...
what are your goals for august?
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  1. Love your goals! Social media fasting, reading, devotionals, prayer & healthy meal plans are all on my list as well! Good luck with all your goals and this upcoming school year! :)

  2. If it could just be October for 9 months of the years I would be so happy :) Then we can do two months of December with one month of summer weather. Perfection! (I dislike hot weather, too!) Your goals sound great!!

  3. You have some really great goals! I am glad I found your blog, I came across it on Bloglovin! I followed you on there, I can't wait to read what else you have to say!