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a grateful heart

hello! hope your week is going well... i have missed you all this week. i started my ninth year teaching middle school monday and it's been long days and exhausted evenings {plus, our girls fantasy football draft last night! my family does one, too. so fun. who is excited for football season?} the start of the school year has gone well so far and i know i have so much to be grateful for this year. i woke up monday morning early to a 'thank you letter' from a student i worked with a lot last year {and didn't see this coming} but it was so sweet and included a post-it note wall she created over the summer, in honor of my class. {i write a post-it note in their 'daybooks' every friday}
 it truly melted my heart. 
{a photo from the draft last night - wearing my vintage cincinnati tee while it still fits- go bengals!}

this week my heart is grateful:
- for cooking dinner with mr. monaco 
{looking for non-processed, yummy meals- any good websites?}
- for the nail polish, funny bunny {a white/nude gel}
- for consignment sales - i love looking for cute bargains for baby boy and found 29 pieces of clothes for under $100 last saturday {and had so much fun doing it!} 
- for a crisp feeling in the air this morning {it's been awhile down here in the south!} 
- feeling baby boy kick in the evenings
- for citrus 
- for the coffee house channel on xm
  ...what is your heart grateful for this week...

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. That salad looks AMAZING! I am also truly grateful for the little bit of cool weather we got this morning! Here's hoping it starts to cool off even more soon!

  2. op! Just now reading this and now I know why you most likely haven't seen my email! ;) You poor thing- I hope you've found some rest these past few days. And yes- SO happy that football season is here once again!!!

    1. sorry again for the delay- it's been a crazy three weeks! hope your week is gong well and football is here!!!!!!