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a grateful heart {my motherhood role models}

i snapped a photo of some of baby boy's current possessions! 
we were able to make some progress on nursery planning sunday- yay!
{more details coming soon!}
i have been finding some great consignment and thrift store finds 
along with several generous gifts from loved ones- so, so sweet.
last saturday my dad {who loves a good pic message} sent me this photo
of my aunt, cousin, and mom at a family wedding that day in cincinnati
 it came at the perfect time. i had just spent a week at the beach where i sat back and spent a lot of time pondering. i decided to unplug from my phone/social media and decided to take in the beautiful atmosphere. i took walks and watched families/children interacting together on the beach. as i watched, i felt so many emotions and connections. the little kids playing with their siblings, building sand castles with dad while mom read a book and got some much deserved relaxation, twin boys {around one} each chasing a pigeon, some laughing/some crying - but so much family love. while taking this all in, i thought about my own family dynamic {which i am so proud of - esp. our closeness and openness with one another} and i thought about how i want to be with our kids someday. i thought about how i want to come across with them, the memories i want to make, the people i want in their life, the values i want to pass down. so when this photo arrived saturday evening, i could not help but think... these three women have always been such inspiring motherhood role models to me. i loved the photo- of three beautiful women. as a result, i started to think about all of the reasons why and how these three have had an impact on my life and why i want to follow in their footsteps. my aunt and cousin lived in chicago- only six hours away from my hometown. we visited often and i always loved everything about our visits. our all day shopping trips to cute boutiques/michigan ave, snuggling up for movie nights, games around my aunt's {incredible} fireplace in her basement, crafting, singing in the car, long walks, amazing meals, and most of all, our deep conversations. i love this about our family. we laugh a lot, but we also have deep chats about life and its greatness/struggles. one thing is certain, their nurturing personalities influenced me {and i know my sister feels the same way} for a lifetime.

 "live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you" 
- h. jackson brown jr. 

i am thankful for: 

- always teaching me the power of forgiveness and importance of calmness
- for allowing me to be a kid - yet respecting me at the same time by treating me like a young adult when i got older. i always felt so special for this. i never felt like a little kid when i wasn't anymore... instead, they all made my feel like one of them by both their demeanor and the way they all spoke to me. {my aunt and cousin never 'baby talked' and i always admired this- i noticed the impact this had on my cousin's two kids, who are SO good!!! and always have been {they are now 19 and 15} my dream is that our kids are half as amazing, sweet to others, and well behaved. i loved watching them grow up! seriously, this requires a blog post in itself.}
- the way you all taught me the importance of being respectful when other people are sleeping and to always be quiet {esp. when sweet babies are snoozing} 
- a love for antiques and all day shopping trips
- to always just do your best 
- to always trust your kids and to let them 'fly' when they get to the age of leaving for the world 
- morning chats over coffee and maple donuts - or my dad's famous omelets {if we are lucky!}
- a deep love for family 
- how you all taught me the importance of keeping a clean home 
- my mom's strong catholic faith and belief in not just going to church but showing generosity and compassion every day
- having the presence of kind, nurturing spirits around me
- never overpowering others with your own opinion by being open-minded and accepting of all. 
- a love for shabby chic decor {and birds} {and tj. maxx}
- the importance of working hard-- without complaining 
- humbleness. 
- the power of a warm hug

our baby boy is expected to arrive in just five months
i hope to always do my best
and most of all, hope to be half the mom/role model you all have been to me. 
thank you- my heart is so grateful. 
{and so thankful baby monaco will have you all in his life!}
 these two. 
their love shines more by the year!
i certainly will never doubt my parent's extrordinary love.
lastly, how precious is my beautiful niece?!
she is so sweet and i loved spending the week with her
i miss her already - more beach photos coming soon!
  ...what is your heart grateful for this week...

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
hope your weekend was awesome!
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  1. I love everything about this.

    1. thank you so much, christine!! you are so sweet :)

  2. Lovely words, lovely thoughts. I so enjoyed reading this from ember grey's grateful heart. I'll be back to read more of your sweet blog.

    1. thank you so much! :) i am excited to follow your blog, too! thank you for stopping in

  3. So beautiful :) You have an incredible family and your baby boy is already so blessed!

    1. thank you so much! very, very blessed and grateful! hope you're well, audrey!!

  4. I love morning chats over coffee and blueberry pancakes with bacon! Hope you have an amazing week :]

    1. :) yum! love blueberry pancakes! and thanks so much- you, too!