olive june: August 2015

grateful heart: a mother's love

wishing my beautiful mom a very happy birthday today! thank you for all of the love you have given me throughout my life. as we get ready to welcome our baby in january, the love of a mother has become even more clear to me. i am so thankful for all of the life lessons, memories, and fun we have had over the years. mom- i feel like you did the perfect job of nurturing us, yet allowing us to be our own person as an adult. i only hope that i can do the same. i hope i can give our children half of the patience, faith, encouragement, morals, and love you have always given us. i could not be more grateful to be bringing a boy, who will have you in his life, into this world. thank you for being my greatest fan in this one life. love you to the moon and back. xo

 if you follow me on insta, you saw that i was organizing and anticipating teeny babe toes in these moccs... thank you astleigh from the hill collection for the adorable onesie. i am all about gray + white.
you are a very sweet, friend. 
i also wanted to share one of my new favorite feeds: thekmartdiaries
 *i had the absolute BEST time in greenville, south carolina this past weekend with my dear forever friend, renee. we enjoyed delcious food, cute boutiques, lattes, chick flicks, and lots of laughter. i will be sharing photos and more about our time together soon! but i needed this time- so much.
lastly, i LOVE this post from lena at tiny painter {her blog is adorable/one of my favs} as a teacher, breakfast/getting nutrients throughout the day can be hard. i could relate so much to this post... lena, you have inspired me. plus, i love a good smoothie. what are your favorite combos, smoothie lovers?
   ...what is your heart grateful for this week...

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
hope your weekend was awesome!
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oh baby | twenty weeks

how far along? | 20 weeks {we are halfway- yay!!!}

due date: january 14, 2016

baby's size | baby is the size of a banana . size: well according to 'the bump' app, baby is supposed to be around 10.2 oz. however, last week we learned that he's a big boy! he was already 14 oz. then. let's just say my husband was 10 lbs 4 oz. at birth and a wrestler in high school … plus, boys on my dad's side are very tall. so pray for me. 

gender | a baby boy!!  

{hoping to continue to share my baby boy photo inspirations with you each week!}

feeling | i feel really good but am just very, very tired from teaching {and standing almost eight hours straight a day- as a result, my feet are usually throbbing all.night.long!} but it's so worth it- knowing our boy is healthy overcomes everything else. 
-- this entire house is a dream come true for me--
maternity clothes | i can still wear a lot of my clothes/am up two pounds at this point but sometimes my regular clothes become extrememly tight and start to hurt my stomach.  i am currently looking for sales/clearances to hopefully purchase some school clothes! i would love cute/comfortable options to get me through teaching daily.

workouts | a few walks 
sleep | i have been crashing and sleeping very soundly... except for one/two potty breaks- but all is good. 

cravings | anything pumpkin, citrus, peaches, strawberry ice cream, water  
movement | i can feel him kick and move a lot in the mornings/evenings. it's so special- every single time. 
fun facts | he's got working taste bugs {please be like your parents.} and he is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day- significantly more than before! {his little stomach was full of fluid on the ultrasound- a good thing!}

miss anything | sleeping on my stomach {i literally pick myself up with my arms- similar to a yoga pose- when i need to switch positions!} i am getting pretty good at it though- upper body exercises throughout the night! :)

best moment of the week | the absolute best part of the week was seeing our son {little love of mine} wiggle and dance for us on the ultrasound. his little smile while we were in 3D was my favorite part. everything looked perfect. we are so grateful for this wonderful news. in addition, mr. monaco sent me flowers on the first day of school- they are simply beautiful. they were delivered to my classroom and have helped to brighten my initial days of school very much. he's a sweet, sweet man.  
-- perfect mobile for a gender neutral nursery-- 
looking forward to | a girl's weekend in greenville, south carolina- give me a serene lake house and girls i adore {visiting them always involves laughs all weekend long!} 

next appointment | friday, september 18 {i will be 23 weeks} 

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a grateful heart

hello! hope your week is going well... i have missed you all this week. i started my ninth year teaching middle school monday and it's been long days and exhausted evenings {plus, our girls fantasy football draft last night! my family does one, too. so fun. who is excited for football season?} the start of the school year has gone well so far and i know i have so much to be grateful for this year. i woke up monday morning early to a 'thank you letter' from a student i worked with a lot last year {and didn't see this coming} but it was so sweet and included a post-it note wall she created over the summer, in honor of my class. {i write a post-it note in their 'daybooks' every friday}
 it truly melted my heart. 
{a photo from the draft last night - wearing my vintage cincinnati tee while it still fits- go bengals!}

this week my heart is grateful:
- for cooking dinner with mr. monaco 
{looking for non-processed, yummy meals- any good websites?}
- for the nail polish, funny bunny {a white/nude gel}
- for consignment sales - i love looking for cute bargains for baby boy and found 29 pieces of clothes for under $100 last saturday {and had so much fun doing it!} 
- for a crisp feeling in the air this morning {it's been awhile down here in the south!} 
- feeling baby boy kick in the evenings
- for citrus 
- for the coffee house channel on xm
  ...what is your heart grateful for this week...

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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little love of mine

i just wanted to thank you all for the prayers and love this week
we had our ultrasound today and everything looked perfect!! 
i feel so, so relieved and my heart is beaming with joy
he was a little shy 
{like his mom and dad can be from time to time- both introverts}
but he also wiggled and danced a lot for us
and at one point, i thought it looked like he might be giving us a little smile 
as the technician said, 
"he is giving us a little smile."
totally stole my heart.
just wanted to share the good news with you all. 
thank you for all of the support so far 
we are very appreciative! 
Prayer For Unborn Baby | Prayer For Expecting Moms - Gift Ideas
"i am so in love with a child i haven't yet met..."
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oh baby | nineteen weeks

how far along? | 19 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016

baby's size | baby is the size of a mango | 6.0 inches and 8.5 ounces 

gender | a sweet baby boy!! 

feeling | still feeling great! i went back to work this week {students arrive monday 8.24} this is my ninth year teaching {so crazy!} and i am so excited to meet a new group of eighth graders. this week included 12-15 hour days  i feel so tired but so good at the same time {especially compared to the end of the school year!} 

maternity clothes | i can still wear my regular pants, shirts, and some skirts but see this changing soon! most of my co-workers told me this week that i don't even look pregnant- but i can def. tell {even if it's only a little baby bump}

workouts | does setting up my classroom and running around my school count? :) i do feel sore!? 
sleep | i have been crashing and sleeping very soundly- feels so much better! 

cravings | still loving ice cold water!! {although it was a favorite prior}

movement | off and on! i love, love feeling our little boy move {it's usually at night/when still}

fun facts | he is developing a protective coating over her skin, called vernix caseosa. he is working on his five senses. nerve cells for his sense of taste, hearing, sight, and smell are developing in his brain.

miss anything | sushi and beer 
this pregnancy body pillow from bump nest is on my current wish list 

best moment of the week | enjoying my first mexican meal out {it's my favorite} since becoming pregnant 

looking forward to | our ultrasound tomorrow- so excited to see our son!! any prayers you can send our way are very much appreciated <3

next appointment | tomorrow :) 

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a "time flies" first birthday party

hi! i love sharing kids party ideas with you all! even more, i love being part of the planning process! when a good friend from home, who also lives in charlotte, asked me to help plan her son's first birthday party, i was so happy to help! small gatherings are a passion of mine and i enjoy it- so much. thank you betsy and gus for allowing me to be part of this day.
 we decided to do a 'time flies' airplane theme and went with a red/navy color scheme 
{go ud flyers! betsy is a proud alumni} you might also remember this precious first and second birthday party from another friend from home that i loved: oh, the places you'll go!
and a popsicle and painting party
here are some photos from this adorable little boy's party:
the paper goods were from target
 betsy had a college friend make the invites- inspired by pinterest
they were folded and sent in a red/blue striped envelope
 most of my parties include some milk glasses and fun straws!
big boy van and his awesome dad, gus! 
how cute is his little flyer outfit from the gap- it was perfect.
we decided to purchase dr. seuss' 'oh the places you'll go' 
to act as the guest book - future teachers can sign it at the end of the school year
 LOVE this fun lady! i have known her since i was about fifteen and there's nothing not to love. 
she was the amazing caterer for the party - grandma mama kat from small town, ohio
i bought the toppers on etsy 
the wooden 'v' at target 
he is the cutest 
a birthday party isn't complete without some swedish fish
 these were the favors for the kids
the clipboards were from amazon
i bought the printable on etsy for $5 
we attached with string and crayons
the cake and cupcakes were beautiful  
anna marie at desserts by debolt made and delivered them
  i think they loved and enjoyed the party
they were the easiest people to work with and i loved helping to plan this special day
lastly, i am happy to announce that the winner of the 
'freshly brewed' onesie is meredith montgomery
thank you SO much again to ashley at the outline apparel company 
go check out her cute shop!!

beach snapshots

 today i am sharing a few iphone snapshots from our beach trip in south carolina last week 
...i will let the photos do the talking...
our nephew, cameron james, sleeping  so peacefully on me under a tent on the beach
i fell so much more in love with this little man last week
he is precious and so good
 i went to a boutique and consignment shop with my sister-in-law {love spending time with her!}
these little bow ties were to die for!
 we spent some time on thursday night at a hidden gem 
it was tucked away underneath lots of big trees and had a cool, eclectic feel
there was live music- market lights- people enjoying cocktails
it's simplicity- yet fun- atmosphere reminded me of home so much. 
 mr. monaco and his 90 year old grandma
 her parents were so appreciative of my daily photo shares 
that i took quite a few of her and her brother- plus she's so cute.
baby boy loved the beach - 18 weeks
 yesterday i shared some motherhood inspriations in my life
this amazing mom is another one- she makes it look so effortless and is so graceful
i admire her and just wish we lived closer!
tiny baby toes 
beach life selfie 
i thought this little tooth fairy {for a boy} was so cute!
there was also one for little girls
 aunt nellie loves a good snuggle 
a delicious dinner at frank's 
i read where'd you go bernadette on the beach and really enjoyed the humor!
have you read it?
 mocktail hour
 "smell the sea and feel the sky
let your soul and spirit fly."
 - van morrison 

hope you are having a great day!
 what are your favorite things to do at the beach?
as a kid, i loved staying on the beach until late in the evening
{absolutely love it when the sun goes down and the sand becomes cool}
 walks on the beach at night with my sister
beer butt chicken for dinner
my dad making {virgin and then non-virgin} cocktails and bringing appetizers out to the pool
playing lots of games and having a family puzzle 
{we always work on it throughout the week- sometimes late into the night #addicts}
seafood dinners out
watching them make salt water taffey at barefoot landing
putt putt golfing 
and most importantly, forgetting all your cares for a week.
check in tomorrow for the winner of my latest giveaway - thanks to the outline apparel company!

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