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a french press morning {volume six}

{the neighborhood theater- so many awesome memories here! --directly across the street}
hi! hope your week is going well… i can't complain. summer is pretty blissful for me {i know my husband loves 'summer nelle'} although 'back to school' stresses me out pretty much more than anything {august is the one month i loathe more than may.} and knowing i am having a baby in five months is a little stressful - however, i absolutely love being off and i dream about welcoming a hopefully healthy baby boy this winter-- all the time. i am truly so grateful for the chance to have several weeks off every summer-- even if it makes the beginning and end of the school year super crazy. speaking of stress, yoga & cafe shops have a way of calming me; leaving me so, so relaxed. what about you? what makes you feel relaxed more than anything? so for our coffee tour this month, i decided to venture to noda to spend an afternoon/evening at smelly cat coffeehouse {how amazing is the name?!}.  i saw while sitting there that that day, july 30, is actually lisa kudrow's birthday… oh, the irony! happy birthday, phoebe buffay!
 today begins the sixth stop on our simply grey coffee tour. as always i am joining the lovely emily at ember grey for a tour of our favorite cafes and coffee shops. please join us on the last friday of each month. our next one will take place on friday, august 28. we would love for you to link-up and share where you decided to spend some quality time with a cup of joe either while traveling or in your city. in case you missed, french press morning {volume one} {volume two} {volume three} {volume four} and {volume five}
smelly cat was wonderful! i left less stressed than when i entered :) i always love the eclectic vibe in the space, while sipping on a coconut latte {with a delicious slice of zucchini bread!} plus, everyone is so friendly! a huge factor for me i am all about some friendliness!
yea drink coffee- be cool- join us! 
{the link-up will be open until wednesday, august 12- we would love to see where you explored!}
here are some photos from my relaxing visit to smelly cat yesterday:
 loved this fun cat bike rack 
 a fun outdoor area- however, it was 97 degrees with 93% humidity…
so i snapped a few photos and headed straight inside! 
 they have tons of options- including refreshing smoothies! 
 my spot in the house - adore the old doors and coziness of the space 
 smelly cat?
the ceiling has strings of market lights- be still my heart. 
the color of this piece- is perfect. mint green is such a happy color for me
and as i am typing this… i see my mint green tote {below} from target! ha 
 thinking about starting this book? i wanted to in may and never got to it… probably because at that point, i usually wasn't awake after 7pm/the sun was usually still out when i crawled into bed. haha
{first trimester struggles!!}
have you read it? 
do you recommend?
 loved seeing this salvaged beauty flyer- especially after just discovering this gem and blogging about it!
 simply love visiting this cafe!
{and i apologize for all the 'irony comments' … i think it comes with being an english teacher!}

again, we would love to have you! emily and i hope to compile a list by city of all the coffee shops you all find so if you want to find a cool spot to enjoy a cup of joe, you can find some recommendations! let me know if you have any questions!! 

have a great weekend
any fun plans? 
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  1. What great photos! I'm a bit of a coffee nut myself, so I loved see those!

    We start back to school next week, and I am totally not ready. Add to it that I'll be in a new school district, learning all sorts of new procedures and routines and expectations, I'm even more not ready. *sigh* As for our weekend plans, my husband and his daddy are headed out for a deep sea fishing expedition out of Dauphin Island so his momma and I will be doing some shopping.

    I host a Photo Friday link-up every week - I'd absolutely love it if you'd stop by and share your wonderful images with us! http://www.piercedwonderings.com

  2. I LOVE that it's called Smelly Cat! I'd go for that reason alone.

  3. What a lovely place. Fingers crossed for relaxing pregnancy !
    Love the cafe tours idea :)