four | olive june


hi! i saw this idea on katie's blog and thought i would join along!
in hopes you would learn a little bit more about me 

four nicknames 
nella, nellie, nelle bucket {thanks to my aunt} and sunshine girl {my mom}

four jobs i have had
golf course pro-shop/clubhouse/cart gal, retail, nanny, and a teacher
four movies i have watched more than once
the notebook, steel magnolias, pretty in pink, breakfast at tiffany's 

four things in my purse
lipstick, wallet, keys, a book {brain on fire} 

four books i would recommend
the glass castle, unbroken, seven levels of intimacy, the shoemaker's wife

four cars i have driven
alero, honda element, bmw x3, jeep patriot
{let's not forget my precious first car- a 1992 buick century: white exterior with red interior and a real beauty... but lots of fun on those back country roads- map light and all.}

four places i have visited
  a semester in europe, jamaica, napa valley, new orleans 

four places to visit 
portland, spain, italy, australia
four of my favorite foods
chimichangas, guacamole, strawberry donuts/cheesecake, sushi

four favorite drinks
water {fav}, coffee {black or lattes}, beer {almost any- love}, moscow mules {a copper mug- yes!}  

four tv shows i watch 
parenthood, madmen, dateline, 48 hours
four places to shop
anthropologie, world market, nordstrom, urban outfitters

four things i am looking forward to in 2015
decorating our house, growing my business, lots of weddings, a few trips on the horizon 
{with family! so even more excited}
feel free to join along! 
...hope your week is going well...
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  1. I adore this idea! It was a fun way to learn some more about you! I think I need to join you!!

  2. Cute post! Thanks for sharing some fun things about yourself with us!

  3. This is spectacular! I love "getting to know you" type posts and quizzes. It was fun reading about you and I must say, I may have to join you and post one for myself!

  4. I love to read personal posts and get to learn more about the blogger! Thanks for sharing! I may have to use this or something similar on my blog!

  5. What a fun post, so glad to come across your blog! You take some really nice pictures and I love your layout! Thanks for sharing all of the fun facts about you!

  6. I did one super similar to this last week! I think just a few of the questions were different. Moscow Mules was one of the favorite drinks I chose too (as was water). And I've been to Australia and Portland and highly recommend both! :)

  7. I love reading these! It's so fun to get to learn more about the person behind the blog. I was a nanny for almost 2 years and loved it. Plus Dateline and 48 Hours are some of my favorite things to watch.

  8. loved this! I definitely had to join you and post one myself :) thanks for sharing!

  9. Since we both like coffee,lets go to Spain and have some together. #Wisinandhopin. Coming to you from the blog love project and looks like I am here to stay. Totally making my own four list!

  10. What a fun post! Definitely bookmarking this so I can join in later :)

  11.!! especially your movie choices!!

  12. Love this list! Yay for growing your business, I'm sure it will do great this year!! Have a wonderful week!