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creating an outdoor living space

 a few weeks ago mr. monaco and i began creating an outdoor space in our new home
i wanted to share a little bit about the process 
{it was lots of fun}
...and what we plan to do next...
we got up early and went to both world market and ikea searching for the best options
we ended up finding a table at world market that we both loved 
and then added four white chairs from ikea to balance the wood {and price!}
i love the combo and am really happy with how it turned out
the color is called coastal gray - i was sold when i saw it was distressed and sturdy!
the little white planters are also from ikea!
 i fell in love with these pillows from world market as well
i have a few black and white ones from ikea 
together, i just adore the overall look. 
{luckily our grass has since turned green! yay}
 one of my very favorite things to do is sit under the patio and enjoy coffee in the morning
these fun picnic plates were $4 at world market
they were perfect for our first evening
under the market lights
{one of my favorite parts about the space}
as we enjoyed a cookout together- always the best after a long day of work
 our future plans:
 this oilcloth garland is on its way from vebo shop on etsy:
- we would also love to put either white or ivory outdoor curtains up
- an herb garden
- some fresh flowers
- two french bistro chairs for the ends
- a bed swing {way down the road}
lastly, i am absolutely LOVING my first RocksBox!! 
it arrived and i can't wait to share with you all soon
if you would like to try now- you can get your first box free by using this code: monaconxoxo
{no obligations! and beautiful pieces!}
any exciting weekend plans? 
 hope it's wonderful 
my plans consists of a lot of yoga, markets, organizing, and spending time at home
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  1. I’m in love with your outdoor wooden table!! It’s gorgeous and I loved looking through your photos on how you plan on decorating. I have a little outdoor patio and just recently did I get furniture for it. It’s slowly coming together but it’s great place to relax. Looks great!


  2. Very pretty space! I like how it turned out.

  3. LOVE it! Such a comfy feel. & pretty! That garland is going to go so well!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I totally want my backyard to be like that!!!

  5. I love your outdoor decor! It is so lovely and it looks comfy enough that it invites you for coffee.
    Gema from

  6. I love your outdoor decor! It is so lovely and it looks comfy enough that it invites you for coffee.
    Gema from

  7. I love it!! Very beautiful!

    Randi from Mrs. Sheets & Co.

  8. We are currently working on our back patio too & I love what you all have done with yours! It looks AMAZING!!!


  9. Your patio is so cute! I wish that I had more to work with than a small balcony but I am planning on sprucing it up a bit!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

  10. Love that outdoor table and those plates are super cute! Creating a nice relaxing space is fantastic.

  11. Your outdoor space is so cute, and that table it to die for! Love your pictures!!

  12. This is adorable! I love that table! We are moving into a new place soon with a beautiful garden - can't wait to style it and enjoy :)

  13. {emoji with hearts for eyes} LOVE!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Absolutely love this outdoor space. So cute!

  15. I love that table so much! And drinking coffee on the patio sounds like perfection.

  16. I ADORE your outdoor space! It's so beautiful! And I just want to come enjoy some coffee there with you!

  17. I love that table so much! It looks great with the white chairs