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a french press morning {volume four}

welcome coffee lovers- so glad you are here! welcome to the fourth stop on our simply grey coffee tour. i  am joining the incredible emily at ember grey  for a tour of our favorite cafes and coffee shops. please join us on the last friday of each month. our next one will take place on friday, june 26. we would love for you to link-up and share where you decided to spend some quality time with a cup of joe. in case you missed, french press morning {volume one} {volume two} and {volume three} today i am sharing photos from one of my very favorite coffee spots in my city of charlotte, north carolina called the daily press. i was following their instagram account and knew they were located in my old neighborhood of noda {the arts district} but it wasn't until i showed up that i realized it was in one of my favorite nighttime spots called the evening muse. a cute and quiet coffee shop by day and a lively music venue by night. what a great idea. griffin house is coming in august- so exciting. 
here are some photos from one of my visits:
they offer a lot of fun events on weekends like pop-up gourmet donut shops, homemade cakes, farmer's markets, and flea markets. facebook and the chalkboard in front of their shop are great ways to keep in touch with what's going on! 
i ordered the pistachio latte  
which was amazing
such a great place to read a book

absolutely love the vibe
it was such a lovely morning
now a few shots from coffee at home this month:

any fun coffee shops in your city? 
...join us...

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  1. oooh! I love your new button!! :) That is such a pretty latte - I always love to watch them make the designs. I've decided the next time I go to a coffee shop, I'm not going to do any writing - I'm just going to bring with me a book. Sounds so relaxing.

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. I just found a cute and cozy coffee shop too. Hows the Jojo Moyes book?

  3. I only know Better Than Love (which I know is super old) by Griffin House, but I LOVE that song! I'd go see them even though that's the only song I know. I just assume I'd like their other stuff. That french toast looks yummy.

  4. Send me some of those sweet coffee shops my way!! Have a lovely weekend, friend :) xo

  5. Pistachio latte?!? Sounds amazing! And....your house is adorable!

  6. As a green-apron-wearer, I feel like my days are filled to the brim with coffee. Usually I'm handing out fast-past, gulp it down, gigantic sugary monstrosities....but at home, my hubs and I are exclusively a one-cup-of-really-really-good-french-press drinkers. Coffee is so lovely when it's slowed down and appreciated - one of the things I miss most about working in the independent side of the industy.

  7. A pistachio latte sounds incredible--I will have to try that next time!

  8. What a great shop! We have a coffee shop in Pittsburgh that has made a science of making the best cup of coffee in town (21st Street Coffee). My husband takes out-of-towners to the shop just so they can say they've experienced a good cup o'joe!

  9. This place looks so fun and full of personality! I want to explore more of my local coffee shops!

  10. What gorgeous photos! You captured the coffee shop beauty just perfectly. And now I'm craving some iced coffee...

    xo Always, Abby

  11. Ooh! A pistachio latte and a Jojo Moyes book? Sounds perfect!

  12. Just stopping over from the Blog Loft and I love this "coffee tour" linkup concept!!! I'll bookmark the date for the future, since I have a habit of finding anything-but-starbucks in the cities I travel to ;)