olive june: May 2015

a french press morning {volume four}

welcome coffee lovers- so glad you are here! welcome to the fourth stop on our simply grey coffee tour. i  am joining the incredible emily at ember grey  for a tour of our favorite cafes and coffee shops. please join us on the last friday of each month. our next one will take place on friday, june 26. we would love for you to link-up and share where you decided to spend some quality time with a cup of joe. in case you missed, french press morning {volume one} {volume two} and {volume three} today i am sharing photos from one of my very favorite coffee spots in my city of charlotte, north carolina called the daily press. i was following their instagram account and knew they were located in my old neighborhood of noda {the arts district} but it wasn't until i showed up that i realized it was in one of my favorite nighttime spots called the evening muse. a cute and quiet coffee shop by day and a lively music venue by night. what a great idea. griffin house is coming in august- so exciting. 
here are some photos from one of my visits:
they offer a lot of fun events on weekends like pop-up gourmet donut shops, homemade cakes, farmer's markets, and flea markets. facebook and the chalkboard in front of their shop are great ways to keep in touch with what's going on! 
i ordered the pistachio latte  
which was amazing
such a great place to read a book

absolutely love the vibe
it was such a lovely morning
now a few shots from coffee at home this month:

any fun coffee shops in your city? 
...join us...

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simply love

a french press morning coming tomorrow and i have missed you all

hi! hope your week is going well... sorry i have been missing this week. my family was in town last weekend and i decided to take a small break while spending time with them and then testing continued at work/school this week {which makes for long days} however, i missed you all and hope your memorial day weekend was wonderful. ours was great and i hope to share what we did with you all soon. i also wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is a french press morning; another stop on our #simplygreycoffeetour! emily at ember grey and i would love for you to join us! for more info: a simply grey coffee tour! all are welcome to link-up! have a great day and hope to be back for good! ♥
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digging deeper

i read this and thought it was absolutely beautiful 
and wanted to share with you all 
we are all divinely connected, despite the time and distance. not everyone is in tune with it and in our modern day world, most of us will lose ourselves in the day to day busy life, getting lost in the material things of this world, making a living, stressful situations that need to be resolved, etc… is this really why we are here on this earth? or, do we dig deeper to find our true calling, our soul purpose?

get past the superficiality and listen to the quiet still voice of God. God brings signs to us all the time.  just hiking outdoors in beautiful nature,  you can find peace. in that quiet place, listen and watch for clues all around you. appreciate the little simple things. pick and smell the sweet fragrance of a flower, admire the sunshine rays beaming down on you, listen to the water flowing down a river or creek. in these places, you will recognize God’s peace and glean amazing ideas on how to fulfill your dreams and mission. it is good to take a step back and reflect on your life. don’t get caught up in stressing over the hustle and bustle of daily routine and obligations.. it is important to keep a good work ethic, but how do you carry it out more effectively and peacefully without stressing about every detail? mahatma gandhi said, “each one has to find his peace from within. and peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.” it is better to get things done as best you can, while still keeping your inner peace. then let go and go with the flow. you will find all that you may be working on will come naturally, without any worry and without forcing things to happen. you may have to overcome obstacles, but know in your heart, God is bringing you all the positive people and resources to help you get through it. stay positive and hopeful. keep the faith and have an understanding that God will bring things to fruition all at the right time. let go and let God is a popular saying and a very true statement. just let it happen, when it is supposed to. 
 you will find that the results you achieve will be much more fulfilling.
...do you 'dig deeper' on a regular basis...
what's your soul purpose in life?
i have decided to ponder this over the next few weeks
and will be sharing my personal results with you all soon
in addition, i would love to hear your thoughts
{planning to share some of yours as well- thanks in advance}

  source: nicolette j. fontaine
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creating an outdoor space: flower planter love

we are starting to look at purchasing some summer flowers 
last week i shared our current outdoor living space and our plans for the future
i am thinking either schemes of white or coral regarding flowers
i started to look up some fun planter ideas
and thought i would share! 
...hope you enjoy...
 what's your favorite planter?
 ...what are your outdoor space plans...
sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
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hi! i saw this idea on katie's blog and thought i would join along!
in hopes you would learn a little bit more about me 

four nicknames 
nella, nellie, nelle bucket {thanks to my aunt} and sunshine girl {my mom}

four jobs i have had
golf course pro-shop/clubhouse/cart gal, retail, nanny, and a teacher
four movies i have watched more than once
the notebook, steel magnolias, pretty in pink, breakfast at tiffany's 

four things in my purse
lipstick, wallet, keys, a book {brain on fire} 

four books i would recommend
the glass castle, unbroken, seven levels of intimacy, the shoemaker's wife

four cars i have driven
alero, honda element, bmw x3, jeep patriot
{let's not forget my precious first car- a 1992 buick century: white exterior with red interior and a real beauty... but lots of fun on those back country roads- map light and all.}

four places i have visited
  a semester in europe, jamaica, napa valley, new orleans 

four places to visit 
portland, spain, italy, australia
four of my favorite foods
chimichangas, guacamole, strawberry donuts/cheesecake, sushi

four favorite drinks
water {fav}, coffee {black or lattes}, beer {almost any- love}, moscow mules {a copper mug- yes!}  

four tv shows i watch 
parenthood, madmen, dateline, 48 hours
four places to shop
anthropologie, world market, nordstrom, urban outfitters

four things i am looking forward to in 2015
decorating our house, growing my business, lots of weddings, a few trips on the horizon 
{with family! so even more excited}
feel free to join along! 
...hope your week is going well...
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a grateful heart

 my heart is grateful for:
-a weekend at home. i was out and about a lot and had several things to do/a few plans, but overall, it was our first 'staycation' in a long time. it was nice to spend time with mr. monaco and to be productive at home. the next few weekends will be busy so some time at home was nice.
- saturday morning we enjoyed a latte and a tea at a super cute coffee bar in 7th street market uptown called, not just coffee. we talked and watched them make drinks ... so much love and care put into each one. we plan to go back every weekend that we get the chance! this is the same place where the sip + shop was held... the atmosphere was different on saturday {much calmer} but just as lovely.
- i get to see my sister and her husband in just four sleeps... my heart is exploding with excitement.
- thank you all so much for the love about our new outdoor space... last night we grilled out and enjoyed jalapeno burgers, corn on the cob, and fresh watermelon. we are loving it! 
- white/neutral nail polish
- blankets ... anyone else a huge blanket girl? my parent's house is full of them and i always found their home so cozy. i find myself doing the same... filling willow with blankets- in almost every corner. you will never find me on the couch without a blanket! 
- two more mondays of school for the year
- lastly, the end of an era as we watched the last episode of mad men last night... mr. monaco and i only have two shows that we watch together {parenthood and mad men} and so it was bittersweet. while we were wedding planning in 2012/2013, we used to take breaks and cuddle up to an episode {which often turned into four or five.} we both fell in love with everything about it. did you watch? i will miss the clothes, peggy, don draper {esp. you} ... i feel like it brought us all into a monumental and slightly hidden time in american history... a time we are all very nostalgic about and i adored it. 
 what are you grateful for this week?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
hope your weekend went well!
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