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travel crushes: close to home {southeast- usa}

as a midwesterner now living in the southeast, i have fallen in love with traveling to the coast and mountains regularly. it's so convenient and although i loved growing up in the heartland of our country, i also love taking advantage of traveling to absolutely gorgeous and amazing places in the southeast, usa! all of these places are within about four hours of our home in charlotte, north carolina. traveling {esp. road trips} are in my blood and are a passion of mine. i thought i would share six of my favorite places to travel to with you today! america- you are a beautiful place to live. a special thank you to valerie at vallarina for the inspiration for this post- love her blog and posts!

1. savannah, georgia: i have been fortunate to travel here several times... both with my family and on my bachelorette party with friends {one of my favorite weekends ever} and it's so lovely. the live oak trees, the downtown squares, the artsy college students walking around with sketchpads, forest gump's bench, the river, the live music, being able to walk with to-go cocktails, the seafood, the churches, the spooky ghost tours {we tried a martini tour one year, too - which was so fun!} if you have never been, i recommend going and exploring!

2. charleston, south carolina: it's no secret on this blog- it is my all-time favorite. it's beautiful, quaint, historic... i blog about it a lot, but it's simply ideal through my eyes. the beaches, the market, the carriage rides, the battery, rainbow row, oysters, bloody mary's, fishing tours, blue crabbin', rooftop bars, the barrier island, cobblestone streets, ice cream cones, king street shopping, coffee shops, delicious dining, and a super fun night life. 

3. st. simon's island, georgia: mr. monaco and i spent our one year anniversary here last june and fell in love at first sight. it's the perfect little beach town and is also gorgeous. we had such a great time! the lighthouses, downtown strip of restaurants and shops, renting bikes, the piers, the beach, the friendly people, the spirit trees, the little inn we stayed at - loved. ♥

4. asheville, north carolina: this is a short two hour trip for us and it is both eclectic and fun to visit. there is so much that i love about north carolina - but one is being close to both the mountains and the beach- it's a beautiful state {to say the least!} here is a post about the time i fell in love with asheville. i adore the tacos, the breweries, the antique shops, the views, the people, the book stores, the delicious restaurants {hello, lobster corndogs} - it's just wonderful. i recommend for a great weekend trip with friends or a hot date get-away!

5. greenville, south carolina: i have a very close friend who lives here {we grew up together and i have known her since kindergarten} it's so close {under two hours} so we try to visit a lot and i truly believe that it is a southeastern hidden gem. there's so much to enjoy and love. some of my favorites include: an adorable & family friendly downtown, the falls, the shops, the brunch spots, the crepes, the active lifestyle of the residents, the southern charm, the tapas, the sangria, comedy shows, the general store, festivals, and the people i have met - who are now close to my heart. i always love visiting and usually don't want to leave.  

6. litchfield beach, south carolina: we travel here almost every summer with the monaco family for an entire week and it's perfect. so peaceful and a great escape from the world. i try to turn off technology as much as possible and savor the quiet moments and breathtaking sounds of the ocean.

what about you? 
what are you some of your travel crushes - close to home!
... i would love to hear ... 
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  1. Thanks for writing this post! I've visited the Southeast a handful of times, and later this year we're going to be moving to Charleston! I have never been there, but I've only heard great things about it. I'm looking forward to getting to travel to other cities nearby as well, thank you for all your suggestions! :)

    1. i am SO EXCITED for you- you will LOVE it!!! the southeast is beautiful- get excited! :) best wishes with your move and keep in touch!

  2. We visited St. Simon's last August for a trip with friends and loved it! The beaches were beautiful and so calm, and the town was simply adorable. Hoping to go back this year!

    1. we fell so in love, too! it's adorable and so beautiful- hoping you get to travel back!! thank you, molly for the love and have a great week!