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easy like sunday morning

"the most important decision you will ever make is to be in a good mood."
 this week brought a lot of florals and glasses wearing {allergies hit me for the first time- it was rough.} made me realize how much people who suffer from allergies yearly must dread springtime. 
a time that i usually adore. i have empathy for you all know. so sorry for the weeks of frustration. 
 this morning brought a little piece of heaven on earth my way. we spent all day yesterday doing house projects around willow and getting our outdoor living space started. we love it all so far and really enjoyed spending the day together {both proud of ourselves for compromising on our choices}. we celebrated last night under the string of market lights on our patio with burgers, watermelon, guac, and a few craft beers. i will be sharing photos soon. i then woke up eagerly this morning and spent hours under our covered patio {first one i have ever had in my life, i believe} the rain was all around me- books, coffee, a delicious apple fritter, blogging, pandora playing with the sound of the rain in the background. felt like a morning at the beach- where i love to wake up and enjoy coffee on the porch. 
it was lovely. 
wishing you a wonderful sunday!

how was your weekend? 
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  1. That sounds like the perfect afternoon! I am currently in that kind of day--rainy, staying in pjs, reading blogs, and sipping coffee. Relaxation at its finest! I'm excited to see photos from your fun evening on you patio with good food and craft beer. Yum!

    1. hi jenna! it really was... sounds like we had a similar day and it was glorious- hope the same for you! loving our patio and can't wait for gold and bloom! yay!! xo ♥

  2. that...sounds...glorious. excited to see your pictures. the power of a successful saturday is sooo energizing. :) and it drains the kiddos' energy. it's a two-fer! happy week!

    1. it really was!! i will post soon- it was so much work but we love it all so far! hoping to add some outdoor curtains ♥ happy week to you too! thank you, lindsay!! xo