april goals | olive june

april goals

1. find and cook healthy meals - along with meal plan for the week
{any great blogs, sites, or cookbooks you recommend?}

2.  hot yoga and continue to train for 10k - may 3 is the date
{so excited to spend a weekend in cincinnati with my family}

3. read at least three books 
{plan to share titles with you soon!}

4. continue morning faith devotionals 
{such a peaceful experience and great way to start a new day}

5. send more snail mail to family and friends
{who doesn't love to receive a card or package? we received two this week and they both made me so happy!}

6. we have so many home projects planned, but trying to take our time and enjoy the process 
{and also trying to be as economically friendly as possible}

ps: please send prayers up to philly
my sister-in-law just went into labor with our little nephew! 
yay - we already love him so much
what are you trying to accomplish this month?
... i would love to hear...
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  1. Skinnytaste is my fave blog/site for healthy recipes. She has them organized so well, too! Also, I just finished The Husband's Secret and it was AMAZING! Highly recommend it if you want to add it to your reading list!

    1. hi girl! love that site- thank you so much and YES!!! that book is def. on the list- was just talking to a friend about it yesterday. appreciate it and hope you're well!

  2. Great goals! Good luck this month!

  3. Great goals! I am trying to do better about meal planning too, I stay on track so much better with a plan!

    1. good luck to you, too! i need structure and a plan :)

    2. ps: let me know if you have any great ideas!!

  4. great goals! i was just reading someone else's monthly goals and I love the ideas you all give. I giggle a little b/c as a baby mama to my sweets, i have to set a few goals slightly lower, so i still feel accomplished when i cross off at least SOMETHING on my list. You got to start small, ya know! Looking forward to your books. Great post.

    1. hi! i totally understand! i am a teacher and a nanny and know how much work kids are - so i give you credit on a SOMETHING! totally get it and thank you so much for the love! good luck to you- i am sure you are an amazing mother! xo

  5. What 10k are you running? I need to be better about my morning devotional.