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a reverse bucket list

today i am also linking up with kiki at in its time for 'the circle'
which is a link-up that promotes blogging friendships and connections
this month we are focusing on creating our own reverse bucket list 
what are things you would like to accomplish in this one life? 
here are some things that i am proud to have accomplished so far:
- marrying the love of my life {such a sweet soul}
- building our first home together, willow
- moving to a new city and state at age 24 {completely on my own} never looked back- love.
- standing as matron of honor in my sister's wedding
- studying abroad twice/student teaching in germany - i absolutely loved traveling europe!
- completing forty days of hot yoga in a row {life-changing}
- re-connecting with my catholic faith in 2009
- starting and continuing a blog {and meeting so many wonderful people in the process!!}
- keeping in touch with my forever friends
- owning my own cat, pierre {miss him every day}
- running two half marathons
- hiking the swiss alps {breathtaking}
- standing as a confirmation sponsor for both my sister and brother {such an honor}
- plans to meet-up with some of my favorite blogland friends ♥
- exploring costa rica with mr. monaco
- spending countless saturdays in columbus cheering on the buckeyes- having an absolute blast during football games {dancing, laughing, singing 'john deere green' on front porches as loud as possible- loved those days. these memories hold a special place in my heart- i was so happy there.}
- starting two businesses
- receiving first year 'teacher of the year' - and eight years of teaching incredible middle school kids 
- completing a paleo challenge
- continuing to cherish the people i left in ohio - who hold my heart- always.
what about you? 
...what are you most proud of so far...
ps: i also blogged about some healthy snack ideas today! 
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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments! And here's to many more. :)

    1. thank you so much, kayla! to many more years and happy times!

  2. I always wanted to study abroad but never got around to it. It seems like it'd be an awesome experience!

    1. i am very thankful for the opportunity - so grateful. wishing you lots of fun travels ahead! thank you for stopping in and have a great week!

  3. A reverse bucket list is a way better way to approach life! So much to be grateful for

  4. This was a heart smiles type of post. Love all the good you shared! I am happily busy in all aspects of my life. Life is good! feeling blessed.

    1. :) awe thank you so much linda- you are so sweet :) so grateful and so much to be thankful for. thank you for stopping in!!

  5. Congrats on getting Teacher of the Year!!!! That's awesome and you so deserve it. Your students are lucky to have you! :)

    And how cool is it to hike the Swiss Alps! That would be such a fun and definitely breath-taking experience!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. hi kiki! thank you so much- both were amazing!! i love your link-up- thank you so much for hosting and hope you're well!! xo

  6. Just so good! I love the idea of a reverse bucket list! And yay for meeting up!!!! Woohoo!! Have a fabulous weekend girl! xo

    1. awe- thank you!! can't what to meet you!!! hope you're weekend was amazing! see you soon and have the best week! -xo

  7. What a sweet list! moving around so much as I was growing up, it's so nice to have forever friends that I still keep in touch with and who are some of my very best friends! I've hiked the swiss alps also! It was unreal!! What two businesses did you start?

  8. such a great list, you've accomplished so much, congrats on winning teacher of the year!

    Diana L. My Reverse Bucket List.