olive june: April 2015

teacher appreciation gift ideas

 next week is teacher appreciation week! 
as an educator, the smallest gesture can mean so much {a card, an email, lunch, a latte}
a few years ago i wrote about a special teacher in my life
you can read about her here
however, i had so many special teachers in my life
...which is why i become one myself...
here are some other ideas that i simply love:
 everything about this plant idea from the idea room {lots of great ideas and printables on this link}

sweet muffin/baking gift ideas that i know he or she will love! 
muffin and mitt 

 simple as that walks you through a simple and super cute tutorial for this EOS lip balm idea
 this gift is right up my alley - both the bowls and tags! i had to share...
aren't they so cute? esp. on kraft paper
 perfect 'almost summer' gift
be still my heart with this print!
{this little apple stole my heart}
how do you show appreciation and love for the teachers in your life? 

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whimsical blush wedding inspiration

in addition to sharing our pre-ceremony photos today, i wanted to share a mood board i created for a whimsical blush wedding! whimsical blush

what is your ideal wedding look? 
i love soft, romantic, rustic and chic most
 ...i would love to hear what your wedding was or what you plan to have...
almost two years later, i would keep some of the ideas and would change some
{do you feel the same way?}
but in the end, i loved our day {so much} and have no regrets!
it was magical, romantic, personal, and full of love.
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our wedding diaries: pre-ceremony

mr. monaco and i were married in our beautiful city of charlotte, north carolina on june 29, 2013
-a lovely summer day-  
i began sharing our day with you all in february and march 
in april, i focused on healthy living on wednesdays
so happy to be back today to share some pre-ceremony photos with you
i hope you enjoy them 
our church in uptown charlotte- it means to much to us
-st. peter's catholic church-
 reserved for family signs:
love my mom's smile - she looked so happy and beautiful all day

my entire life, i always wanted my dad's brother- my uncle john- to marry us
he has been a priest for 45 years and married my parents in 1981/many of my nineteen cousins
he did such a remarkable job- we received so many compliments
it meant so much to me
my brother walking my beloved grandma up the aisle
she helped raise us and is such a special person in my life/heart
our blessed mother, mary, is special in our hearts 

our witness ♥ my sister was the best maid of honor!
i bought these cuffs for my dad:

these two play such an awesome role in our family
this same song, wedding song, was played at my parent's wedding 
growing up my mom had a jewelry box that my dad had given her and it played this song
so i always knew that i wanted it to played at our wedding

our adorable ring bearer and beautiful flower girl 
mr. monaco loved what my dad said to him and said it was such a special moment for him
 my dad is incredible
 our programs- more on these later- but i really loved them!
 such a strong brotherly bond
 our unity candle:
can't wait to share our ceremony, park, and reception photos with you soon
...lots of details yet to be shared...

 in case you missed: 
--all photo by the amazing and sweet melissa tuck--

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