to be alive | olive june

to be alive

someone once told me to always
live for the little things
in life.
live for the 5am sunrise and the 5pm sunset
where you see all of the colors in the sky that
don't usually belong.
live for road trips and bike rides
with music in your ears
and wind in your hair.
live for days when you're surrounded
by your favorite people who make you realize
that the world is not a
cold, harsh place
live for the little things because
they will make you realize that
this is what life is all about,
this is what it means
to be alive.


... what makes you feel most alive?
more on this concept soon- along with a list from me
but first, i would love to hear from you!

currently listening to this tune - hannah by ray lamontagne

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  1. Beautiful, love it! I am trying to be more aware and cognizant of all the little things I have to be thankful for! I am so blessed! :)

    1. awe- so glad! being aware of a grateful hear has been life-changing for me... making me more aware of the most important things in life. thanks for the love! ♥

  2. Beautiful...I needed to read this. It's been a tough go around over here lately. But something I live for is waking up next to my fiance cuddled up in bed on a Saturday morning and getting Opie to come cuddle with us. I live for those little moments where you don't even need to speak..everything is aligned out perfectly

    1. awe- i am so glad mae! and the moments when you don't need to speak- so true and so touching. hoping things get better for you soon! sending good thoughts and prayers to you, friend!

  3. Great message. Living for the little things is really what it's all about!

  4. Love it. And Ray LaMontagne. Remember in Parenthood when Sarah started working at T&S with Adam and he just wanted to listen to Ray in the car and she kept turning it off? I felt his pain lol

    1. yes!!! a parenthood reference AND ray!!! always love some ray! thanks for the love, girl! xo

  5. Love this, I feel like it is the definition of simplicity

    1. awe- thank you! that is my goal for the year so yay!!!