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pops of color in the kitchen

if i had to sum up the anticipated look of our new home 
{known as willow around here}
i would say it's a combo of the two photos below
i am obsessed {especially in the kitchen} with tones of white and gray 
natural, organic, and crisp appearances 
and although i love the texture and look of wood throughout a home
{on a headboard, stools, a cabinet, etc.}
personally, i usually do not prefer wood cabinets- but instead,
love the crisp and clean look that white gives 
...with fun pops of color throughout...
here are some 'pops of color' 
inspiration for kitchens:
i was really hoping to get one of these amazing colored/vintage fridges
but mr. monaco convinced me to be 'practical'
and he was right.
 {i love, love our new stainless steel lg refrigerator}
however, he said we could put one of these adorable ones in the garage someday...
way too cute for a garage. way too cute. 
in my dream world, i would have picked a mint green or a canary yellow one
 adore these so much from modcloth- so fun.
a great easter basket gift?!
my sister and her husband gave us two of these amazing chairs for christmas- absolutely love. 
i have purchased spoons similar to this from target
however, these are an easy diy project
pick your paint and paint a color scheme that works for your kitchen
learn how to make them here

do you prefer pops of color in your kitchen?

...if so, how to you implement this... 
what are your favorite accent pieces?

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  1. I love color and tend to gravitate away from dark, muddy colors in the home. After all, I did paint my kitchen pink! It's grounded with dark countertops, stainless steel appliances, a gray floor, and white cabinets. Our house doesn't get a ton of natural light so I try to go towards light and bright colors to make everything happy.

    I'm definitely a fan of brightness in the home! :)

    1. pink - love!!!! so fun - and a great floor is my dream. someday! i also love white-washed floors. would love to see pics! and light, airy, and bright are my preferences as well! thanks for sharing!! xo

  2. I'm totally with you on this...LOVE a white fresh kitchen. Feels so clean and fresh...but those pops of color add just the perfect touch. Can't wait to see yours! :)

    1. thanks, amy! i always love your sweet comments. hoping to share photos soon… loving our new kitchen. and fresh white kitchen is my favorite, favorite. hope your week is going well!!