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our wedding diaries {the guys getting ready!}

thank you all so much for all of the wedding diary love already- wow.
i really appreciated all of your sweet comments 
they made my day!!
in case you missed last week's post - the gals getting ready 
...this week i am sharing the guys getting ready…
they went to a clean shave place in charlotte that morning called emerson joseph
where mr. monaco and his brother got shaves and the rest of them drank beer and played pool
they also took a small stroll around the city and stopped where we first met - at vida cantina
we had a large wedding party 
each selected carefully and with love
{ten on each side}
four of the groomsmen were from my side - i absolutely loved having my brother, brother-in-law, and two guy friends {who are like brothers to me} next to me that day. 
and three of the bridesmaids were from his side.
my brother and brother-in-law with the groom

i love my dad- so much.
the monacos have a strong history with baseball.
so we ordered our nephew tyler, the ring bearer, a bat with his name, title for the day, and the date 
the guys looking at the watch i bought him 
i had it engraved on the back with a quote from our first dance and the date
{all photos by melissa tuck photography}
coming up next week- pre-ceremony photos at our beautiful church! 
so excited to start linking up with macy and meg each week! 
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  1. What a cool place for all of them to go before the wedding! I can not figure out what the guys should do prior to coming to the venue, I wish Baltimore had something like this!

    1. :) thank you so much… look around for a clean shave place- you never know! good luck

  2. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic way for them to get ready!! You always hear about the ladies going to the salon beforehand, but my husband would have LOVED this!! Thanks for linking up with us, can't wait to keep reading about your wedding :)

    1. thank you so much, meg! i love your link-up and can't wait to keep sharing… xo

  3. So cute that you have all these photos of the boys!! They look like they had such a great time!!

    1. :) i know- so glad there was a photographer there with them, too!

  4. Those are cute pictures! It looks like the boys had a fun morning!

    1. thank you so much … and i think they did, too! :)

  5. These pictures are great! I love those cufflinks!

  6. looks like the guys had a LOT of fun!! I can't wait to see next week's post. And your ring bearer idea was awesome..I can't decide what to get ours yet.

    1. :) i think they did! he loved his bat… if yours loves baseball, i think you can't go wrong! good luck and excited to see what you come up with. thank you for the love!