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orange harp love

today i am sharing one of my favorite apps with you
available here {a free download} 
have you heard of the app, orange harp?
{the name was derived from the co-founders' nickname for the golden gate bridge in san franciso}

what is it? 
it's an easier way to purchase environmentally friendly brands - straight from your phone. the idea is to make shopping a simpler experience, along with connecting to consumers through storytelling and allowing the buyers to learn more about the companies behind the products.
why i love the app:
-  the brands are unique and fabulous
- the products are made using natural and recycled materials
- a wide variety is available and it's extremely easy to use
- the website and app allow you to connect and learn about the companies/the people designing the merchandise
 - the majority of the companies are located in the u.s - allowing the founders to visit and ensure that labor laws are being carried through 
- they have a section called, women we love - and i love it! they interviewed several inspirational women about insights, style, career advice; their journeys - go check it out here
-  customers are also reminded of their impact on their receipts - orange harp always donates 1% of sales to not for sale, a non-profit organization fighting to end human trafficking.
- several other brands are affiliated with "give back" programs that help people in various ways
{such as employing the homeless to package and donating shoes to those in need}
how amazing is this!?

go check it out - download orange harp here
i would love to hear your thoughts on this awesome app!
{and planning to share more fun apps with you soon}
hope your week is going well! 
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