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winter fashion: layering made cute

modcloth love

today i am sharing winter fashion ideas from one of my favorite online shops, ModCloth

i love their stylish, affordable, and unique pieces - with simple vintage touches. 
the combinations are endless.

...these ideas top my list...
the perfect fit: cold on your work commutes lately? i am sure you probably are {unfortunately!} -- always remember to layer up. however, this doesn't mean you have to look like an urban Eskimo. the time for piling on clothes has arrived... but there are ways to still look sleek and cute. i still wear dresses and skirts almost every day in the winter; however, i almost always include a cardigan, infinity scarf, and a colored coat ... along with a variety of tights/usually boots. in addition, a chambray button down, fitted blazer, and leather gloves are also great ideas to consider. these all work just as well with a nice pair of pants, jeans, etc.
color schemes for layering: i love the richness of colors that winter tends to bring. jewel tone colors and coats are two winter essentials -- why not combine the two to lighten up a winter day? above i have highlighted an adorable navy polka dot dress, a bright canary yellow cardigan, and a beautiful emerald coat for warmth. layering the three makes for an adorable, yet warm, outfit- esp. with gray opaque tights {worn either with boots for a daytime look or heels for a night out on the town.} more adorable sweaters selections here

accessorize: the finishing touches add so much to an outfit and there are many incredible choices on their website. my favorites include a fun tote, baby pink nail polish, vibrant raspberry lips, a classy brown hat, simple earrings, a chunky necklace... and a bag with a fox print - yes, please!

have you ever shopped ModCloth?
{love so much.}

what are your tips for winter fashion?

 how do you layer yet stay cute & sleek? 
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  1. Love it ALL! My sense of style has been hibernating since becoming a mommy. It's hard to find cute things to wear and still be able to nurse easily in them. I'm looking forward to getting my fashion freedom back when I stop breastfeeding! When that day comes, you can be my stylist.

    1. thank you! and i am sure you still look adorable- hope the move went well?! i have been thinking about you… and would love to be your stylist :) anytime… although i don't think you need me!! xo

  2. I'm obsessed....with ALL of it!! #styletwins

  3. I LOVE Modcloth and even own a few of these myself! Seriously a fav! Cheers

    1. love so much! me too… hard not to love their shop! hope your week is going well!

  4. Yep. Yep. I love ModCloth! I've shopped with them for years and actually just shared a post about them a few days ago myself. They are easily one of my favorite online stores. They have this typewriter shirt there now that is on the top of my wishlist at the moment.

    1. love it so much!! so many adorable items ;) thank you so much for stopping in this weekend- I really appreciate it. hope it was wonderful. xo