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weekend scenes + simply adoring

good morning!

it's been a wonderful weekend so far

on friday night, mr. monaco and i went to food truck friday and then a brewery in southend- charlotte

yesterday morning i was able to spend the morning with the little baby boy of one of my very favorite couples... he is five months old and is so adorable.  we spent the rest of the day at a winter cookout- celebrating the return of a friend from london. the food felt like the fourth of july -- the only difference was the lack of yard games and open toed shoes.  i made my fruit salsa recipe, which i will share with you soon!

today's agenda includes: mass uptown, a coffee shop in noda, and a girl's day in south park 
really looking forward to it! what are your plans today? hope your weekend is going well...


this fun and colorful kitchen from i suwannee {so lovely}

these burritos look amazing

school lunches from around the world {so interesting!}

a beautiful mess shares how to clean your whole house in just fifteen minutes!

norah has a way to soothe my soul- and this song does it every time.

if friends had been set in 2015 {hilarious.}

who doesn't love a good oscar's themed menu? {happy viewing}

wondering what the fashion of mad men's last season reveals...
{one of my favorite parts about the show}
enjoy the oscar's tonight!
 do you love don draper as much as i do?

...any plans to watch the last season...

have a great day!

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  1. That Friends article was amazing!! Loved that! And I'm so sad Mad Men is almost ending - such a great show. Hope you're having a good weekend!

    1. isn't it hilarious? and i am sad, too - love mad men! :) it was a great weekend- hope the same for you! xo

  2. I love the oscar worthy snacks! ;) (And I read the 2015 Friends thing too this past weekend - SO funny!)

    1. thank you- such great ideas and isn't it so funny?! i laughed so hard- incredible. happy weekend, emily!

  3. Food Truck Friday sounds like something I would LOVE!!! And that last picture of Don Draper has me so excited about the new season! Fun little fact: My next door neighbor is January Jones sister...now if only I could get a little introduction to Jon Hamm!

    1. it's amazing… the food is unique, cheap, and delicious! and what a cool fact- hope you can meet don draper- he's so dreamy!! thank you for sharing and for stopping in! hope your weekend was amazing. xo