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valentine's day recipe inspirations

 oh hi there! happy valentine's ♥. in case you are looking for some last minute recipe inspiration, i thought i would share a few with you. we plan to paint/do some things around willow {our new home} today, exchange cards, enjoy tapas, and then meet some of our new neighbors at a brewery near the area where we live.  i would love to hear about your plans and hope it's lovely.
ps: see if any of these look good to you:)

...enjoy your day...

i plan to share a review about my experience with annie sloan's famous chalkboard paint soon 
{as i attempt to paint our master bath vanity today!}
 stay tuned and wish me luck!


  1. I really love your Valentine's Day recipe picks! I also think it is great you are doing your own DIY project!

    1. thank you so much! i really appreciate it. hope you had an amazing weekend and valentine's day!!

  2. Hope your Valentine's Day was perfect!