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the mona dress

mr. monaco and i have another road trip on the radar
after work on friday, we will be heading to baltimore, maryland for a wedding
i have been eyeing down this stunning lacy black dress from anthro for awhile now
however, $258 is not going to happen...
so i am using it has an inspiration for my wedding attire
hoping to put my outfit together this evening- stay tuned.
have you dressed up lately?
i always love a good wedding and a fun cocktail dress 
also, i live in a southern world these days
advice: opague black tights {with the right shoes, of course!} to a winter wedding up north?
...yes or no...
lastly, any cute coffee shops in baltimore that you love?
hoping to explore for our new {french press mornings- #simplygreycoffeetour}
thank you so much
hope your week is going well!

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  1. Yes to tights. It is the middle of winter after all.

    1. thank you :) that's what I am thinking… just haven't been to a winter wedding up in there in awhile- thank you! hope you week is going well!

  2. Gorgeous..can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. thank you :) I will try my best… but this is hard to beat!!! hope your week is going well! xo

  3. All the way on the tights! I love hosiery of all colors and opacities - there is nothing more ladylike! I am stoked that Duchess Kate has (sort of) brought them back into fashion. My favorite brands are Donna Karan and Wolford. Good luck!

    1. thank you so much, kara! i really appreciate this :) loving all of the choices as well and you are so right about Duchess Kate … so true. love her and her style. hope you are well - thanks so much again! xo