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our wedding diaries {the gals getting ready!}

mr. monaco and i were married in our beautiful city of charlotte, north carolina on june 29, 2013
-a lovely summer day- 
i have been wanting to share photos and the process with you all for so long
and one amazing bachelorette party in savannah}
i literally poured my heart and soul into our wedding
and it was beyond perfect through our eyes
my favorite part were the people who traveled near and far to celebrate with us, 
who surrounded us that day with their love
and the little details that everyone showed so much adoration for; 
knowing how much time, effort, and love i put into them.
after our wedding, i had about a short three month break from wedding planning
before my sister got engaged
and then i helped plan her wedding, which was on october 11, 2014.
both were so special 
the two best days of my life so far.
i plan to share both with you-- along with other ideas, advice, and inspiration boards on wednesdays
fun fact: my bouquet and then our entire wedding was just named a 'best of 2014' 
by the blog, every last detail.
we were so honored.
and i will never be able to repay my parents for everything they did to make this happen.
i hope you enjoy my wedding diaries.
this photo was taken outside of the home next to our church where we got dressed
some of my very favorite photos from the entire day were taken there
like when my sister and mom helped me get dressed
reading the beautiful card from mr. monaco
and my dad seeing me for the first time
sharing these soon!
i love the way my close friends from home have always adored my mom... one said to me over christmas that she's the nicest lady around and i agree. she said that she called her this past fall and told her that she made one of her favorite meals and that she could bring some over- so sweet.
my hometown girls are like sisters to me- i have known them all since age six {or before}
zero drama- lots of love- and pure, genuine, midwestern souls. i love them so much.
i wrote about our hotels bags awhile back- here is the post!
i will share more about our shabby chic programs soon- i absolutely loved them and the shop who created them on etsy- i hot glued a different button onto the back of all of them. i have a thing for buttons.
katie at makeupyourface - located in charlotte- did the amazing hair and make-up!
she is so sweet and talented- and arrived before 7am to get the party started!!

my dad totally saved the day by putting my decals in my shoes that morning- thank you again!
 i know it wasn't easy.
 mrs. monaco -- est. 06.29.13
my bouquet
the colored brooch was my paternal grandma's
and the pearl rosary was given to me by my maternal grandma on my first holy communion

i wore seafoam green- tory burch flats
birth made us sisters- life made us friends.
one of my favorite parts about our wedding was also our fantastic wedding photographer
melissa tuck - now in the washington, dc area
and i know our wedding party and my family agreed.
we fell head over heals in love with not only her photos, 
but her genuine and kind soul. 
i felt so comfortable with her all day
 the entire fourteen hours i was close to her that day
thank you again from the bottom of my heart ♥ 
we adore you- so much.
next wednesday i plan to share the handsome guys getting ready
which involves lots of suspenders, shaving cream, and cigars
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  1. Beautiful pictures!!!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you- i bought them on etsy and will try and share the link soon! loved them, too! thanks meg

  3. These pictures are fantastic. You all looked so beautiful. I love their robes and what I could see of the bridesmaids' dresses. That is so sweet that your dad put your decals on! Looking forward to next week. :)

    1. awe- thank you mary! you are so sweet. it was such an amazing day!! and my dad rocked as the 'father of the bride' he's the best. the bridesmaid dresses were by the designer, leona, and most of the girls were in love with them/we received so many comments. thank you so much. lots more posts coming soon... xo

  4. Oh these are gorgeous! Love all of the details and special touches! Congrats on winning best of 2014 on ELD, that's awesome!

    1. thank you so much! i was shocked and so honored! i appreciate your sweet comment! xo

  5. All of the little details flow together seamlessly, I can see why you were the best of 2014!

    1. awe thank you, macy! lots more details coming soon!! :) appreciate your sweet words

  6. LOVE all of your photos! And I adore the floral robes!! Looks like such a happy and wonderful day :)

    1. thank you so much, astleigh! i really appreciate it! i bought the robes on etsy {from india} hope to share the link soon! and you too, sweet friend. hope it's been a great week! xo

  7. LOOOOVED this!!! Beautiful, Nelle - the pictures and the details and the entire thing. I love that you are so close to your girl friends (whom you've known for so long) - it reminds me of my girls from back home! :)

    1. awe- thank you so much! lots more to come and my friends are so special- so genuine {no drama} and just good people! miss them every single day. thankful for friends like this in charlotte, too. :) thanks for the love!! xo