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on love + how to make your house smell lovely

i recently read this post written by emily of ember grey called, to love oneself. i loved everything about what she wrote and could relate to it so much. it's beautiful and i recommend reading it- there is so much truth. as i mentioned last week in my letter to my sixteen year old self - love has been a big part of my journey. {ps: thank you again for all of the love about my letter} i have experienced all kinds of love- real and imagined, deep and shallow, reciprocated and unrequited, deep and shallow, true and false, healing and quite hurtful. in my opinion, love is the most powerful emotion there is and sometimes the nuances of it and the way it changes over time- especially with each new fall- is what keeps it the most important thing we in this one life. if you think about it, it’s the driving force behind everything that we do... and the one thing that can rock your world or shatter it in just one instant. in my short thirty one years, i have had such a wide variety of experiences in love- i have had my heart broken and have broken a heart {or two} myself. but as it’s said over and over -- you can’t love anyone else fully until you love yourself. despite all my relationship highs and lows, the relationship with myself has been the most tumultuous and continues to be the one i need to work on the most. it's all a work in progress; however, i feel like i have come such a long way- and will probably always be something that i strive to enhance daily.
now... let's make your home smell lovely:

 burn them in their home as an evening ritual. you light the tip with a match to start a very slow burn, and gently wave it around until it burns out. it smells like a bonfire, with hints of cedar and citrus. it makes your home smell woodsy and incredible.

boil lemon, rosemary, and vanilla to freshen the air in your home for spring - williams-sonoma.
barr co
you can never go wrong with some beautiful fresh cut flowers: 
ten tips for better looking bouquets by real simple
any other home scents you love?
lastly, please don't forget that next friday, 2.27.15
is our first ever 'french press morning- a #simplygreycoffeetour' link-up begins- yay!
bright and early
so go venture out to local coffee shops and snap some photos ... or traveling?
go check out some new ones in various cities, use the hashtags, and get ready to share with us what you find next week!
for more info - a simply grey coffee tour
again, we are so excited!
please let me know if you have any questions!
emily and i can't wait to see what you come up with
{loving the photos on instagram and twitter so far!}

hope you have the best weekend!

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  1. I love simmering good smelling things on the stove to make our house smell good! Also, candles! Love all of these images!

    1. sounds wonderful! and love candles :) thank you so much, jenna! hope your weekend goes well!

  2. Love the words of encouragements and message of self love. Thanks dor sharing!

  3. I love ALL of this and I am so happy to have found your blog! I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment too on my blog but when I tried to respond it said you were a no-reply blogger. I hope you have a fabulous weekend girl! xoxo

    1. awe- thank you so much, jessi! you are so sweet and i couldn't agree more. love your blog as well- thank you for your kind words. they mean a lot to me. have a great weekend and i had no idea about the 'no reply' {i thought i fixed this} ... i just changed it again...if you have time do you think you could check it again. i hope it's fixed and if not, no worries! thank you again! have a great weekend!!! xo

  4. Oh my gracious...all of this sounds so LOVEly!!!! :)

  5. Love these suggestions, I have never heard of Palo sticks...definitely checking them out!

    1. :) thank you so much, deena and you should try them! they're awesome

  6. I love simmering different scents on the stove! Thanks for linking up at Best of the Blogosphere.