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a mood board + a simply love documentary series

jess at stamp in my passport {one great blog} has inspired me to create mood boards
i love hers and have been wanting to create one
so here is my first one
created on charlotte's first snow day:
+ a new documentary series on simply love 
i know i mentioned doing an 'old movie monday night' series {which i would still love to do} but i thought about it and i absolutely love documentaries; i have a passion for all mediums of non-fiction. i love to connect with real people; their love stories, their trials, successes, life lessons, etc. i am hoping to view several throughout the next year or so and am planning on sharing with you. 
i would love for you to join me as i share and explore a wide array. 

Love, Etc. is a documentary that follows five couples for one year in new york city: old, young, gay, straight, falling in love, getting married, having babies, breaking up. the film showed the complexities of romantic love--not just the happy stuff. i watched it yesterday during my snow day and adored it. it was funny, heartbreaking and beautiful. 

{i loved all of it but the secret is- i fell so in love with the elderly couple. for so many reasons. one of my favorite lines: "she loves me very deeply and i love her very deeply. you know, when you love somebody as the years go on- it gets stronger."} awe. and then the piano song - 'you haven't lived until you've loved' - so much love.
'we start with now.'

...here's the trailer...

what do you think, my darlings? would you want to see it?
watch the full documentary here

already so excited about this series- loved this one so much.
do you have any recommendations -- any documentaries you have loved?
i would love to hear. 
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  1. The mood board is amazing! Yours is so calming and beautiful. I would be interested in watching the documentary from the sounds of it, but I need to watch the trailer when I get home!

    1. thank you so much, mae :) and i loved it- hope you enjoy it if you end up watching it!!

  2. I LOVE mood boards :) I just hung one up on my wall (I've yet to 'decorate' it yet). Those floral sheets/blankets on your board are beautiful! I can't wait to watch Love, Etc - wow. Looks so good!

    1. Love them, too! Can't wait to see the one you put up... thank you for the love. Also, I think you will really enjoy Love, Etc. - I truly adored it. Let me know if you watch it!!

  3. I love the mood board! Gorgeous.

    What a beautiful quote from the documentary. Awww.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. you are so welcome, jennifer and thank you! i love mood boards, too. appreciate the love and hope your weekend was lovely as well! xo

  4. Would like to learn the inspiration/mood behind each photo on your mood board. Love the feeling it portrays. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things, hope to see you again!