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a grateful heart

we traveled to annapolis, maryland over the weekend
and i fell so in love.
the entire atmosphere of this city is fabulous;
the harbor, colorful row homes, seafood, boats on the water, unique shops, proud u.s sailors;
the undeniable patriotism in the air.
we had such a great time at the wedding
 {so many personal touches, so much love, and so much fun.}
i plan to show photos with you soon ... both from our road trip to raleigh and to annapolis.
during the wedding, i looked down at the floor and saw this on the boards-
it immediately made me think of grateful heart mondays and my gratitude project.
both of these initiatives have encouraged me to live more in the moment
and to take everything in- all the time.  
this week my heart is grateful for:
- a weekend with new and old friends in one adorable city
- exploring new & very cute cafes for our #simplygreycoffeetour
- i am starting to watch parenthood again {on netflix}. my sister and i used to watch it and i always LOVED it- she kept going and i stopped. i am at the end of season two and can't get enough. very excited to continue watching- just love, love some braverman family time.
 so many amazing characters and life lessons. another confession: i cry almost every episode.
- watching a beautiful wedding take place in front of my eyes this past weekend- so much love.
- two fun road trips with mr. monaco - we had a great time together.
- trader joe's - everything.
- fresh cut flowers
- a job i love - esp. when you receive this note on a monday morning from a sweet soul/student:
 - the warmth of the sun on my face this weekend
- $1 trolley rides around new cities 
- warm fresh sheets 
 & lastly,
my strong relationship with my sister
i love what liz at simply complex mom wrote today
for the bond is unbreakable
and i am so grateful.
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

what are you grateful for this week?
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  1. As a teacher, that note just melted my heart! I love your blog header, btw. So glad you posted this to the peony project this week!

    1. awe - thank you! it def. melted my heart as well… so sweet. thank you so much for the blog love. <3 i really appreciate it and am loving your blog, too!!

    2. I too am a teacher and it’s those kind of notes that really show how appreciated you are. That’s awesome :)


  2. I love Annapolis!!! One of my favorite cities...the seafood, the boats and the men in uniform...I'm happly married to my own uniformed man but I like the eye candy ;) I also just started to watch parenthood on netflix. I have never seen it. Its amazing but can I watch an episode with out crying for goodness sake!

    1. love it. it was amazing. everything about it. loving your blog and appreciate all the love. and i can't get enough of that show- love those bravermans!!!

  3. I knew you would love Annapolis! It looks like you guys squeezed in a lot of sight seeing despite the short trip--so glad! And not sure if you saw my post about Team Braverman a few weeks ago...but Parenthood is my most favorite show of all time. I've seen every episode twice and might just start watching them again on Netflix because I miss those Bravermans. The finale episode was so beautifully perfect.

    1. you were so right, love. it was amazing. we plan to go back… so much more to see! it was a whirlwind- but a great one. lovely city. and yes, i saw your post but didn't read it because i didn't want to find out anything :) but will after watching… lots of more episodes left. so excited to watch the rest- it's SO good.

  4. !!!! I love, I love, I LOVE those boards!! (So much in fact that I seriously want to print out that picture and frame it for my office. Would that be weird?!) I have always wanted to visit Maryland, even more so now. How sweet to get such kind and affirming words from one of your students! :) That has to feel so good. Wishing you a happy week, Nelle! I'll be venturing out to a café tomorrow!! ;)

  5. Ooooh Parenthood...such a tearjerker! LOVE it - you are going to get even more attached to everyone, straight up.
    And what a sweet, sweet note from your student. My mom taught for 30 years and she just retired last year - she has saved a few notes and letters from students like that from the years. She still treasures them! What an important job you do. xo