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a french press morning {volume one}

welcome to the first stop on our simply grey coffee tour
i am joining the amazing emily at ember grey 
for a tour of our favorite cafes and coffee shops
join us on the last friday of each month
link-up and share where you decided to spend some quality time with a cup of joe.
first stop:
raleigh, north carolina
lucette grâce
… rustic, great vibe, friendly staff, cute cups, fun colors, personal touches… 
the front of the women's restroom - dolly … i think i would love to be friends with her. 
she seems so sweet and down to earth. 
 this raspberry macaroon was delicious- great lattes and treats

second stop:
charlotte, north carolina
dean & deluca
{phillip's place}
i spent a quiet afternoon reading at dean and deluca
before a movie, drinks, and dinner with friends/family
the atmosphere always reminds me of europe
the music, the cuisine, the pastries - so lovely and so soothing.

third stop:
charlotte, north carolina
amelie's french bakery
… eclectic, open 24 hours, delicious carmel vanilla lattes, great atmosphere
  fourth stop:
charlotte, north carolina
food truck- the coffee priest
at the sleepy poet antique mall
 they offer amazing red velvet lattes!
fifth stop:

annapolis, maryland
the iron rooster
… a few cute coffee bars throughout the spot-- incredible food, coffee, and bloody mary's!…
 ps: i saw this adorable dunkin' donuts in downtown annapolis and snapped a photo!
 grab a button below and join us!
...so excited to see where you decide to explore…
Simply Grey Coffee Tour
             what are your favorite cafes and coffee shops?
… what makes them so special… 

linking up with:
Karli at September Farm
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we will see you again on friday, march 27!!
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  1. Wow- loved this!! You took great pictures. I LOVE that picture of Dolly, LOVE. And now I need a macaroon ;) ha! This is so much fun!

    1. awe- you are the sweetest. loved doing this with you- so fun. you are a great blogland friend and have been amazing. i also loved the photo of dolly for the ladies room- such a cute idea. treat yourself to a indiana macaroon!! enjoy the midwest. love. talk soon!! xo

  2. oh how cool! I love seeing all of these neat little places! Red velvet latte sounds incredible!!

    1. thank you so much, julia!! it was amazing... you should join us!!

  3. Girl, you got to some fantastic coffee shops! I would love to go to them all! I love the mugs from the first coffee shop. It makes a world of a difference depending on what mug they use. It's the little things right?

    1. :) i really did and thank you, kenji! hope you're well- thanks for all of the love lately. life is too short - the little things matter! xo

  4. I love your pictures. Macaroons are my favorite and of course coffee. #coffeedatefriday


  5. Those are some lovely pictures there! xx

    Would you like to write a guest post for my inspirational Wednesday-segment called #NoteToSelf?
    All the info is in this post: http://charlinehasablog.blogspot.com/2015/02/notetoself-call-for-guest-posts.html

    Love, Charline xx

    1. hi! i am def. interested... thank you! I will check it out this weekend and will be in touch. thank you for the kind words- I really appreciate it. have a great day and weekend! xo

  6. This link-up is WAY TOO GOOD! How much fun, to check out a bunch of coffee shops! I need to grab some of my girlfriends to do this with! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)

    1. yes!! join us :) it will be so fun to see where we all go and we are going to create a running list of cafes in cities so that people can look up where to go when traveling! would love to have you, sweet friend! xo

  7. This is SO much fun!! I haven't been to any of these, except dean and deluca...and I didn't even get coffee there! Just a big cookie. :) I love exploring new places and trying coffee wherever I go! Thanks for these suggestions. I'll keep them in mind!

    1. thank you so much, jenna!! love dean and deluca and you should explore and join in! ♥