a gratitude project {volume three} | olive june

a gratitude project {volume three}

"and at the end of the day, 
your feet should be dirty, 
your hair messy, 
and your eyes sparkling."

-hello sleepy poet flea market-
-thank you so much for joining me for volume three of my gratitude project-
...so happy you are here...
here are a handful of my instagram photos from january
moments when i stood in the moment and paused
showing and feeling a sense of gratitude for the simple and little things in life
please join me and use #simplylovegratitudeproject throughout the month! 
the next link-up will be on monday march 2 {since there isn't a 29 in feb… this year!}
mark your calendars! 
my agenda at work 
'happiness never goes out of style.' - lilly pulitzer 
{i love her agendas for the pockets, graphics, and stickers… you are never too old for stickers}
hello new collection of vintage arrows in willow 
hello hot cinnamon tea and magazines at barnes and noble
hello to massages, edamame, sushi, and $1 beer night at sushi 101 with mr. monaco 
hello beautiful sunday suppers cookbook 
for recipes - gatherings
hello to my new workspace in willow
photos coming soon!

what were you most grateful for this month?

i would love to see through your photos

all are welcome to join 

link-up between now and thursday february 5!
also, please grab a button under the tab, gratitude project, at the top
or just link back to simply love - xo
lastly, because i am so grateful for each one of you
please feel free to enter to win $100 cash!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
i hope your week is going well!!
in case you missed:
use #simplylovegratitudeproject on instagram
{i plan to share some of my favorites on social media!}


  1. Replies
    1. thank you- me too! :) it just sums it all up so well! xo

  2. I've been wanting to read sunday suppers for a while now!
    Oh, and this is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! :)

    1. you are so welcome and you should read it- you would love it! it's beautiful!

  3. those arrows are so quirky but I kind of want them now!

    1. :) i love them. if you do buy them- hope you enjoy! i have them in my workspace for a fun punch of colors!

  4. I love this project idea and what you're doing to remind yourself to stop!

    1. thank you so much- would love for you to join! it's been amazing to stop in the moment more and appreciate the smallest things. xo