olive june: January 2015

a road trip + bit and pieces + winter nails

a road trip:

mr. monaco and i are off to explore raleigh today
we plan to walk around the city and enjoy some time together and also with friends
later this afternoon, we have a gender reveal party for a great couple

here are some bits & pieces i am loving this week: 

why i'll never ask when you plan to have a baby 
{this dawned on me a few years ago- which is why i try to never ask- i completely agree with this.}

hoping to bake these chocolate chip and peanut butter cup cookies at some point

loving this living room makeover

it's amazing what a little gold spray paint can do

on nine years of marriage

books read on the subway

refreshing our space

how to pick the right plant for your space

swooning over this stationary

--> i have been filling up willow with succulents lately- trying to brighten it up a bit.

winter nails: 
 the polish, Cocktail Bling, by essie is the perfect blend of pale blue and gray. 
i absolutely adore it and recommend it for these brisk winter days.

what color are your nails right now? 

...anything fun that you would like to share...
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french press mornings: a #simplygreycoffeetour

morning! i am so thrilled today to introduce you all to a new series that emily {love her} at ember grey and i are launching today. we have decided to explore different coffee houses and cafes around our cities of charlotte and nashville each week {along with our travels from time to time}; to read, write, blog, sip some delicious cups of joe and tea and most importantly… spend quality time with our loved ones or enjoy some alone time/serenity in the process. we will be hosting a link-up on the last friday of each month and would love for you all to join us! go explore, snap some photos using #simplygreycoffeetour -along with a hashtag for the city {ex. #simplygreycoffeetour #charlotte}
 {we will be sharing our favorites} and then link-up with us! we can't wait to see what you find and where you decide to sit and enjoy some precious moments this month. our first link-up will be on friday, february 27.  ^ above is one of our buttons {which will be available soon} *this photo was taken at my favorite coffee house in st. louis missouri, cafe osage, which is the city where this idea was inspired by… a special thank you to my beautiful sister and brother-in-law for the wonderful idea. 
are you in?! we would love for you to join us!!
a coffee tour community: lastly, we will be compiling a list of places for various cities that our readers explore under a tab on each one of our blogs - so if you ever travel or are interested in fun places in your city to sip some coffee and relax, you will have some ideas!

sweet emily of ember grey + nelle of simply love = a #simplygreycoffeetour

meet emily:
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here's to some french press mornings and cozy evenings ahead.
ps: i am also currently setting up a coffee bar in willow that i can't wait to share with you! 

… what i look for in a coffee spot: 
{25 coffee shops around the world to see before you die}
one: a cozy and eclectic atmosphere
two: a wide variety of beverages 
three: good tunes- esp. live music
if not, i will plug into some of my favorite stations on pandora
such as: joe purdy, norah jones, avett brothers, billie holiday, the honey trees, or regina spektor
four: reasonable prices 
who's in favor of happy hour coffees?
seriously- this should be implemented. 
five: late night hours as a night owl, these are huge for me. 
...a 9pm starbuck's close doesn't usually work well for me… 
when i lived in walking distance, i have been known to venture from there to another shop in one night- so places that stay open late/24 hours are ideal for me. 
… what do you look for in a great coffee house or cafe…

also, in case you missed yesterday's post- feel free to enter to win $100 cash!

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a gratitude project {volume three}

"and at the end of the day, 
your feet should be dirty, 
your hair messy, 
and your eyes sparkling."

-hello sleepy poet flea market-
-thank you so much for joining me for volume three of my gratitude project-
...so happy you are here...
here are a handful of my instagram photos from january
moments when i stood in the moment and paused
showing and feeling a sense of gratitude for the simple and little things in life
please join me and use #simplylovegratitudeproject throughout the month! 
the next link-up will be on monday march 2 {since there isn't a 29 in feb… this year!}
mark your calendars! 
my agenda at work 
'happiness never goes out of style.' - lilly pulitzer 
{i love her agendas for the pockets, graphics, and stickers… you are never too old for stickers}
hello new collection of vintage arrows in willow 
hello hot cinnamon tea and magazines at barnes and noble
hello to massages, edamame, sushi, and $1 beer night at sushi 101 with mr. monaco 
hello beautiful sunday suppers cookbook 
for recipes - gatherings
hello to my new workspace in willow
photos coming soon!

what were you most grateful for this month?

i would love to see through your photos

all are welcome to join 

link-up between now and thursday february 5!
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or just link back to simply love - xo
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i hope your week is going well!!
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best of vintage project

-sometimes i truly think i was born in the wrong era-

1940's please.

it has to be the most feminine, romantic, and flattering years ever.

if you have a favorite vintage find
please e-mail a photo to me with a description and your blog url {if you have one}
@ monaco.nelle@gmail{dot}com
i will be posting the

{dress, hat, gloves, apron, hairstyle, home-ware; you get the idea}

 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7

do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? 

if so, what's your era and why?
ps: don't forget to link up tomorrow for my gratitude project! 
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...i would love to have you...

take me out to the ballgame

all of this nice carolina weather lately has baseball season on my mind 

although i love living in charlotte, there are several things about cincinnati {i spent a lot of time there as a child and in college} that i often miss and one of them is being able to go to major league baseball games- go reds!! we used to go often and i miss the atmosphere & experience a lot. the smell of spring, the energy in the air, enjoying a hotdog, and coming together for the 7th inning stretch.
so much passion throughout the stadium.
in honor of the upcoming season, i decided to share some ideas with you today

here are five of my baseball essentials: 
reds baseball
1. style... some of my favorites are a fitted baseball tee, blue jeans when it's chillier and a white or red dress when it's warmer, my red converse shoes, a pop of red in a necklace/scarf, a classic jean jacket, and then of course, an adorable hat. the company, fanatics, has incredible options. i recommend going and checking out their baseball hats. have fun browsing their huge selection of hats to find your favorites so you are ready for the game! this hat is my favorite one - super cute and a great price! what team/hat are you loving?
2. grilling equipment… 
i recommend packing an extra set of essentials {like ice, tongs, charcoal, and propane} just in case. in addition, using a tool box to put all of your equipment in is a great way to organize all of your items. 
3. accessories… i love some unique and personal accents for tailgating or a gathering like red and white tassels strung on the tent, striped straws for drinks, a festive apron, and comfortable team chairs. 
4. recipes… the list is endless. there are so many amazing options; however, i recommend the following recipes: nachos, bacon wrapped jalapeños, and ham & cheese mini sandwiches {these sandwiches are super easy, so delicious, and perfect}. 
5. drinks…i recommend putting together a bloody mary bar for guests before the game. {see sources below for advice on putting together a yummy and attractive bar} a chalkboard sign is always a great idea & the more spices/goodies the better in my b. mary's. 
what do you love in yours? i would love to know… 
my sister and i - celebrating our birthdays together {june 1994}
enjoying some bbq ribs at the famous montgomery inn on the ohio river before a red's game
this is also the year i would also get my beloved teal caboodle-  xo
 are you a baseball lover?

...if so, what are your essentials for game day ...
source {wreath}
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a grateful heart

this week my grateful heart is thankful for:
- finishing up my new workplace in willow 
- falling in love with mint and cinnamon teas
- loving the entire decorating process- taking it all slowly. 
- delicious smoothies this week
- daily family group text messages… all eight of us are constantly sending messages and photos… makes my heart happy; i love how close we all are! i especially enjoyed a conversation with my brother-in-law in st. louis friday morning- love you, bassey!
- birthday celebrations all week 
- i've been watching a lot of chick flicks lately- it's been awhile and loving them all over again.
{the devil wears prada, something borrowed, and the family stone}
- exploring scripture lately {Psalm 100}  loving: "Know that the Lord is God, it is he that made us; We are his; we are his people and the sheep of his pasture. Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise. Give thanks to God and bless his holy name. For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever."
- hoping to add some air plants to our home soon- any advice?
 did you know you can make your insta photos into cute square magnets?
9 for $14.99 
loving copper + blush lately 
what are you grateful for this week?

+ please spread the love & vote:
lastly, i am grateful for a tight knit community in ohio- where i was raised
please consider voting for a local school - your vote would help the sidney high school library win $60,000. the money would be used for purchasing educational resources for the staff and students at SHS. please consider voting for their video at the link below and spreading the word to your friends, family, students and co-workers. you can vote with multiple email accounts and you can vote every day through friday, january 30th. thank you so much for any help you can provide!
sources: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 .
 lastly, it's an exciting day... 
a few lovely bloggers and i are giving away $100 to target on insta today- head on over and enter!
all are welcome!
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Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

a sunday poppy: earl's grocery

charlotte, north carolina  

yesterday i met a girlfriend at earl's grocery - nestled in the heart of elizabeth- charlotte
{our old hood}
and i fell in love.
charlotte friends- think dean & deluca meets common market 
or dean & deluca with a little more soul. 
the atmosphere, food, drinks, and company were incredible. 
i will be back- and often. 
here are some of my favorite parts about the eclectic, fun, and elegant spot 
with quality yet unique food and drinks:
lots of packaged and fresh desserts- reasonably priced and delicous. 
i tried the mini german chocolate cake for .49 and loved- it melted in my mouth. 
my friend tried the peanut butter rice krispie treat, which was also amazing. 
love the orange and blue fun organizers throughout:
there are about 50 chairs and tables - along with a bar area
{such a cute scene to be part of}
we sat by the window; feeling the warmth of the january sun on us 
{it's been so beautiful here}
there are garage doors all along the wall- looking forward to some slightly warmer days with them open and the fresh air coming in... <3
enjoy some fresh pasta to-go and lots of great sauces 

i always enjoy going to common market and exploring the craft beers
mr. monaco and i will go together and enjoy a few
earl's offers the same type of atmosphere- excited to go exploring soon.

i tried the bahn mi sandwich and it was INCREDIBLE. 
so delicious- i def. recommend this sandwich!
lots of great wine to choose from:
i also enjoyed my one coffee of the week by ordering 
a pumpkin spice latte with coconut milk- to die for.
adore this chip filled tub:
follow them on insta for daily specials 

if you haven't been yet- go enjoy! 

...i have no doubt you will love your experience...

do you have a place similar in your city?