sometimes | olive june


amongst everything that is going on, i've been trying to get a good balance going. 
appreciating the little things....and finding happiness in my own little world. 

a little christmas spirit today amidst packing up 
sometimes i wish my life only consisted of fruits, veg, water, and green tea-
how amazing would i feel.
sometimes i think people should talk less about losing weight/striving for an unrealistic version of perfection and instead, appreciate their healthy bodies. 
there is so much more to people.
sometimes i feel words are all we have-
sometimes i feel words are what we don't have.
sometimes i am wrong.
and sometimes i drift
sometimes i wish we could all just live in the moment:
not focusing on the past, the future, or technology-
how much more would we take in and appreciate. 
sometimes i miss the midwest- 
a lot. 
sometimes my heart yearns for my family, friends and loved ones there- very dear to my heart.
sometimes i cry at the beauty of the world and everything around me that i have.
thankful for so much. 

… what do you sometimes yearn, ponder, question, dislike, love?

ps: nine days until closing day!!!


  1. This post is beautiful. I struggle with balance too. Thank you for reinforcing the importance of gratitude X

    1. Thank you so much… so often i think gratitude is everything! Hope your week is going well so far and happy holidays! xo

  2. I found your blog via the Peony Project. Your photographs are beautiful, and I love the fonts on here. (I'm a bit of a font geek. Some are just so fun!) I love that last quote about finding a place to figure things out. I am needing a bit of that these days!

    1. Awe- thank you! ME TOO! I am a teacher and my students know this about me… love fonts. Therefore, this made my day! Thank you so much! You are very sweet… xo


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