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our christmas cards + a holiday tea evening

merry christmas
with love, the monacos

i thought i would share our 2014 christmas cards with you all… 
i ordered them on tinyprints
lately i have been loving black and white designs 
and went with a mustard polka dot liner
i am pretty sure i have never received so many holiday card compliments 
so glad you all loved them. 
i always LOVE their designs and the quality is fantastic! 
on friday, december 5
i attended a holiday tea night at the reid house in matthews with my mother and sister-in-law
we attend every year 
the tea is always delicious, food/desserts are yummy, beautiful decorations, music, and history about the community/charlotte is shared {the history lover/teacher in me always enjoys this part}
we always grab some wine after
here are a few snapshots from the evening:

we are officially homeowners!!!
yesterday was even better than i expected…

i am really hoping to share photos with you all soon, but leave for charleston with my 8th graders 
very early tomorrow- we are talking alarm clock = 3am. 

plus some moving/packing tonight. 
moving day is friday, december 19
however, you are all on my mind and i hope to share with you soon!
loved it- so much.
i shared a few on instagram - if you want a sneak peek

hope your week is going well!

anything exciting going on for you and your family?


  1. How pretty! I absolutely love your cards! The trim of it definitely gives it a little something extra.

  2. Your cards are precious!! I absolutely love them. Tiny Prints is so great, right? I just love the polka dot insert!

    1. sorry for the delay :( i really appreciate your love though… and the insert was one of my favorite parts- that and the trim! thank you!!!