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gifts for him + twine and twig style + week updates

hope your week is going well! 
i posted a few gift ideas last week for the ladies in your life 
so i decided to explore some options for the men today… 
gifts for him

{click above - gifts for him- for more details!}

and if you are still looking for a unique and beautiful gift for a lucky lady?

check out two sisters {love them both} in charlotte who create handmade, organic, natural jewelry - they are hosting a 12 days of christmas sale on instagram 
go check them out: twine and twig style 
 … despite the busy days of teaching, packing, shopping, blogging, working out, cleaning, planning … 
i've loved so much about this week
i tried to take in the moments and just enjoy the beautiful season
like treating myself to the first mani i have had in weeks tonight
bright red shellac nails for the season
and being inspired by my students as we explore poetry
i have been so blown away by the depth and powerfulness of their poems/analysis
it's been amazing to experience. 
in addition, sunday night i surprised mr. moanco with a 'mini date' 
we like to do this often for one another
 i had seven cards {similar to a scavenger hunt} 
as we enjoyed some quality time together
more on where we went/photos coming soon…
last night we went to pinky's westside grill near uptown charlotte
 with a table full of friends to celebrate a special birthday
my dear friend, kate, turned 30
lots of great laughs 
along with ordering the ding dong chicken 
a grilled chicken sandwich with asian spicy slaw and chunky peanut butter
so amazing.
a pink christmas tree at pinky's!
yesterday was also a very special day because my best friend in charlotte, anna, and her husband oliver
welcomed a healthy and precious baby boy, evan oliver 
tonight i went to the hospital to meet him 
and fell head over heels in love with this little love muffin
he's so cute.
 i quickly put this together {in about ten min} before school today to introduce evan to our 8th graders; our newest wildcat!
 they loved it and were so excited… 
lots of 'awwwwws…' 'he's so cute!!!!' 'i love his name!" 
congrats travieso and byrd families 
two of the best i know. 
baby it's cold outside
{how cute is the towel from anthropologie-
 a housewarming gift from my sister-in-law, tricia- love.}
so i am spending the night baking 
a pumpkin/toffee/peanut butter cake
for a christmas party tomorrow night
recipe coming soon
it's delicious and super easy! 
perfect for a holiday gathering. 
no lie… 'baby it's cold outside' just came on pandora!
and on that note- time to relax for the evening! 
another crazy weekend ahead
loving every minute of this month though 

what are you loving most about this christmas season?


  1. Good for you taking some time to just enjoy the season - I need to do that too! And now I've got the itch to find a new baby to hold... sooooo sweet! Stopping by from the coffee date linkup :)

    1. Hi Anne! I am really trying :) Thank you so much… he's so sweet! Hope your weekend is going well and excited to check out your post!

  2. I love that gift guide for him--my husband is one of the hardest people to shop for! I've heard of the two sisters shop in Charlotte, but I don't think I've ever been. I just love those ornaments!

    1. Thank you so much… if he doesn't have a jambox and loves music- I recommend! Although expensive- my husband LoVes his- so much. And Twine and Twig doesn't have a shop in Charlotte but they have an online shop and some boutiques sell their beautiful jewelry. :) And I know- LOVE the ornaments!!! xo