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december prompt: advent - means "coming"

last sunday evening i attended an advent tree making art class at a place to land studio in mount holly, north carolina. it was an evening of wonderful scripture, reflection, creating, and friendships. i always enjoy attending these classes, meeting new people, and enjoying time with people who have become very dear to me. 

advent simply means “coming” – so for me, it is about the waiting. it is during this time of year that people are living in a hectic and often chaotic world and when people talk about living in this type of world, i think of advent. this is the time that it is important to prepare for the celebration of His birth and to acknowledge that we are still waiting for every tear to be wiped away, for His comfort, and for His strength - we are waiting for the Christ child. as i mentioned yesterday, i am trying to re-focus my  mind and my agenda this season; to focus on what truly matters. i am trying to take time to pray, write, remember, and to give to others. 
 i love this new holiday list --> 

advent has become more important to me as i have gotten older. when i was young, i was more interested in the joy of the season {which don't get me wrong, i still love to take in.} and the waiting was hard. however, my state of mind has changed. advent is for the ones who are longing- the ones who weep- the ones who walk with Him.  people i am close with and love are struggling financially, emotionally, spiritually- or are in real physical pain. as adults, most of us have grieved, we have lost, we have learned to hold space for those who are hurting - i learned this in the hardest way possible this year- now we have a place for Advent. 
let's all take time during this christmas season for others - to simply love, to pray, to dance in the darkness; to wait for the light. to help those who need joy find some light. 

growing up we enjoyed st. nick on the morning on december 6
we would put out our stockings, shoes, and a christmas list on the evening of december 5
and woke up to oranges, candy, mints, chocolate covered peanuts, and a small toy 
a few years ago, i decided to surprise my italian husband with this german catholic tradition 
i bought him a stocking and filled it with oranges, candy, and a few items i know he loves
this year i didn't do st. nick 
but to my surprise
woke up to him surprising me. 
it warmed my heart
his soul is so pure- so sweet.
he bought me a stocking at anthropologie, a home magazine, chocolate covered peanuts from trader joe's … and an orange. 
if you aren't into diy projects
naptime diaries has a printable version for $35 
that is adorable.

here is the inspiration and the beginning of my tree... 

here are some of the details:
i added the star at the top- from crate and barrel
...i plan to keep adding to the calendar every year...
we covered the close pins with fun paper- i used book print, mint green, and black/whites
*please ignore the terrible lighting all over our current home* :)
we all created a list of 25 things we would like to do this season
one for each day 
here are some of my ideas:
make christmas cookies. read mary's song in the bible, write a letter, hang mistletoe, pay it forward, feed the birds, a hot chocolate/movie night, thank someone, make a green and red meal, drive around and look at christmas lights in your jammies, a pamper day, roast marshmallows, read the christmas story, donate to charity, make german gluhwein, attend mass with my family. 
lastly, last thursday was our fifth annual book club christmas celebration
we always exchange ornaments
here is what i gave this year - all from crate and barrel:
what does advent mean to you?

how do you plan to prepare for the coming?


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    1. YAY!! A friend of mine nominated me and I've been working on a post- I am honored Melanie and will link-up to your blog as well- THANK YOU!!! xo

  2. Awesome post! I love the to do list revision! I totally pinned it and am going to write it out!

  3. Love this!!! Totally just made an advent calander too, that I will be posting all about very soon :)
    Neive xo

    1. Awe- you are so sweet :) Can't wait to see yours- have fun! Happy Holidays to you - xo

  4. Love these ideas! Such beautiful photos too : )

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you stopping in and Happy Holidays to you! xo

  5. I love that new list of yours! So so sweet. Love these ideas for advent. So inspiring!

    1. Thank you! I always love your comments- so thoughtful! Happy Holidays to you, sweet Jenna! xo