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december :: currently

hopefully your weekend is going well
festive, fun, and full of love from those around you 
we have been super busy all day- packing up for our move on the 19th
both completely and utterly exhausted- yet so excited at the same time.
we enjoyed a great holiday party last night,
but had to miss an annual ugly sweater party in uptown charlotte tonight
missing our friends and sad we couldn't make it; however,
two days before we sign (ah!)- four before my class trip to charleston- and six until our move.
it's been a really fun process in a lot of ways
lots of laughs together, great music playing, dinner in the living room while watching old christmas movies, and precious memories/old cards/photos found as we have been packing boxes
the adorable jenna over at dearest love has inspired me again with her recent pinspiring post
here are some things that i am currently loving for december:

BAKE | at some point, i would love to make some homemade macaroons for a holiday gathering- always a favorite of mine. delicious and adorable. plus, this recipe is called 'easy macaroon recipes' - perfect for this novice!  

MAKE | how beautiful are these little christmas packages? i plan to do a little bit of wrapping tomorrow and have a few ideas - i am currently loving anything black, white, and gold for the holidays. i also have another idea that i hope will turn out well… stay tuned. planning on grabbing a coffee and heading to michael's early in the morning… my go-to for holiday wrapping. 

WORDS | over the past year, i have really been working on this … and it's been life-changing. surrounding myself with people, things, and places that make my soul happy. as 2015 approaches, my goal is to continue to do so- yet challenge myself at the same time- always striving to become the best-version-of-myself. 

FLORALS | speaking of things that make my soul happy fresh florals always do it. esp. a beautiful arrangement of pink and red- i love this combo anytime of the year- and think it would brighten up a holiday gathering in a lovely way. 

WEAR | i have been loving longer/fuller skirts for the season- esp. this beautiful red one with an ivory lace top - gorgeous. 

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  1. Girl, we totally need to get together and play around with flowers. That would be so fun!
    Love this pinspiring list! :)