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a gratitude project {volume two}

hi! it feels good to be back i signed off for awhile to focus on unpacking our new home and decided to just be 'present' at home in ohio for the holidays. however, i missed you all and have so much to share. welcome to the second month of my new gratitude project- so very excited to have you here! here is a re-cap of my vision for the project: i read once that the key to living a happy and fulfilled life is to reflect and to show gratitude. so i told myself that i would take in moments throughout my day and would document these moments through photos. it really amazed me how i started to notice things that i never would have noticed before. now i try to take at least one photo every day of something that i am grateful for. simple things that are ways to celebrate the good in my life - the everyday celebrations. i feel spiritually and physically stronger because of this task and would love to encourage you all to do the same-- to discover more about the power of gratitude in your life. our blogging community has also helped to inspire me to be more grateful. almost all of the bloggers i follow express gratitude regularly. 

…this got me thinking… 
what if we all come together near the end of each month {on the 29} and share our month through photos- sharing the simple moments where we took a step back and were grateful. i am hoping that this little project/link-up will bring strength, encouragement, and joy to others. i would love to see what inspires you most on a daily basis. 
i plan to use #simplylovegratitudeproject as a hashtag for the project. 
please join me! 
 i would love to have you. 
next link-up will be thursday, january 29
*i plan to feature certain blogs each month- along with some giveaways for bloggers who join in on the fun*
this photo above is my 'most grateful' for december 
last saturday my brother, sister, mr. monaco, and my sister's husband {my new big brother} decided to spend the afternoon at my grandma's farmhouse. my siblings, cousins, and i grew up playing on this farm- countless hours of exploring. we loved it so much and have all seen it go from a bustling atmosphere to a deserted land- now so serene. the animals and farm equipment have been sold, the barns {we loved playing and building homes/forts in the haymow… throwing all the straw down to jump into it} have been torn down, the fields are now calm… yet in my mind, i always picture our childhood days of constant play. my grandparents both worked so hard; i still carry this around with me. it was such a special day- being able to show bassey and mr. monaco around her treasured and humble homestead. we spent the afternoon playing dominoes around her kitchen table- eating her traditional snacks- just like old times. i will always treasure this time spent together; this afternoon as an adult on the farm… because 'oh, to be a kid on a farm.' 
traveling back to charlotte yesterday 
through the west virginia mountains with such a grateful heart
my parents are traveling down today to spend the week with us- helping around our new home and just enjoying time together. please pray for safe travels for them...
a christmas eve table
this christmas was a very special one
our family experienced a lot of highs and lows this year 
and in this, you start to realize that the only thing that really matters during this magical time of year is spending time together- we are so blessed and enjoyed many moments {and some tears, too} over this christmas together- i love my family so much. so giving, loving, fun, and always there.
my big brother and i - the best big brother in the world.
brown paper packages for my family and a morning spa day with my giving mom last week at home
my new 'foxy lady' tights from anthropologie - i have been eyeing these down and was so excited to get them for christmas… simply adore.
beyond grateful for our new home- willow. 
we LOVE everything about the new nest
so excited to share so much with you all...
december 19 was a bittersweet day as we moved into our new home
we also had to say goodbye to our precious cat, pierre, who passed on october 5 at our old place. 
we buried him here- next to this angel and miss him every single day. 
we decided to bury him here because this was his home and he loved it there. 
it is still so raw and difficult- we just loved him so much and hate the way he went.
i snapped this photo to always remember him- so grateful for the nine years i had with him.  
last tuesday, i was able to spend the evening with my very best friends from kindergarten to now in my hometown. we went to dinner and had wine at my parent's house
we laughed so hard our sides hurt… i loved every moment with them.
thank you all for being the kindest, most selfless, and genuine girls i know.
overall, it was such a lovely week-
surrounded by people who ask- so genuinely- about your new home, blog, charlotte- your life.
you don't notice how much people don't do this in the city until you come back 
{of course my close friends do…}
but it's such an awesome feeling
people you know care about you so much- will never judge you- and will always be right by your side.
i was also able to enjoy a beautiful and memorable trip to charleston, south carolina this month 
with our wonderful eighth grade class- love my students so much this year.
i always enjoy this trip
we spend one day in the city and one on a barrier island/eco tour
more photos coming soon!
you're next! 
the details:
please feel free to link-up between now and next monday, january 5
also, please grab the button under the tab, gratitude project, at the top and link back up to simply love
i am also linking up with sweet emily {i have fallen head over heels in love with her and her blog over the past few months} over at ember gray
Grateful Heart Linkup w/ Ember Grey
thank you again for joining me and i would love for you to spread the word- there can never be too much gratitude. a huge thank you to the beautiful, talented, and lovely jenna at dearest love for doing so this week!
i truly appreciate it! 
what are you grateful for?


  1. This is so fun! what a great idea- maybe I will join next month! Thanks for sharing gratitude. I'm grateful for my Christmas present ;)

    1. thank you so much- i would love to have you :) so glad you enjoyed it… makes me so happy!!

  2. This is such a fun idea! I follow you on instagram, and you have the most beautiful photos! If we are going to participate are you using the hashtag as part of the gratitude project?

    1. awe- thank you so much!! please use the hashtag and would love to have you! :) excited to hopefully see your month of gratitude- thank you so much for stopping in!

  3. I love seeing pictures of your month! :) I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family and moving into your new home! I absolutely love your kitchen! Can't wait for next month's linkup!

    1. thank you so much! and thank you for linking up- means so much to me! loved your post so much… hope your weekend is going well! xo

  4. Love the tights - and the shoes! And that Christmas Eve table is just spectacularly beautiful!! :)

    1. thank you so much… i love them too and my mom is fabulous at hosting and creating an intimate setting :) feel free to join along- would love to have you! enjoy your weekend- xo

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos- I looked through them twice! :) I especially love the one of the table on Christmas Eve... WOW. Like something out of a book. So excited for you and your new home! The unpacking and decorating is definitely a process but a fun one :)

    1. awe- thank you and sorry for the delay. my mom is amazing at creating a special christmas atmosphere. loving the decorating and hope you are too… love. enjoy your coffee this weekend!! xo