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a floral gift topper - home for the holidays

it is SO good to be back here sharing with you all… it's been a very eventful week: we purchased our new home on the 15, my class trip to charleston, south carolina was the 17/18, we moved on the 19, and drove to ohio late on the 22. i love this special place; the heartland of america- my hometown. my heart always feel complete surrounded by the friendly and down to earth people here. last night i got to spend time with my most dearest friends- from kindergarten to now. we enjoyed dinner, wine, and lots of laughs. i miss them all the time. overall, what a great week. i can't wait to share photos and updates with you all… 
merry christmas from my family to yours. 
enjoy time with your loved ones
during the most wonderful time of the year. 
if you are looking for a fun gift topper, i thought i would share one i created last week:

 supplies you will need:
- a styrofoam ball that is slightly smaller than the size of your gift package
- a knife
- silk flowers. you can either use leftovers from previous projects or you can purchase at michael's {i used discounted christmas flowers - 60% off}
- hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
- spray paint in the color of your choice. i decided to do white.
step 1: to begin, take the knife and cut the styrofoam ball in half. or you can purchase one that is already cut in half  {this is what i did}
step 2: next, place a generous amount of hot glue onto the stem of a lace flower and attach it to the rounded side of a styrofoam ball half. repeat gluing flowers onto the ball until the styrofoam is no longer visible.
step 3: for step three, place your flower-covered styrofoam ball on newspaper outside. then apply a coat of spray paint to all surfaces of the flowers. painting tip: first, make sure that you spray the paint at a lot of different angles to ensure total coverage of each flower. second, you will probably want to apply at least five quick coats to really get a brilliant white color. make sure the paint completely dries in between each coat.
step 4: for the final step, apply hot glue to the flat side of the flower-covered styrofoam ball half and secure it to the top of the gift package. finished!
merry christmas eve to you
christmas eve has always been my favorite
this is when santa came and it was always so magical 
usually snow, lace socks and party dresses, quality time with all of our grandparents 
and then {besides last year} i have spent every christmas day with my mom's family
they are amazing and i can't wait to celebrate with them tomorrow.
esp. my 85 year old sweet, sweet grandma
talk soon friends and enjoy your holiday!

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  1. Oh girl, you're speakin' my language! Floral gift toppers?? So pretty! I'll have to keep this in mind for next year. :)
    Also, Christmas Eve is always my favorite, too! I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas holiday! Xoxo