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the great christmas exchange

let the countdown begin - only 51 days until christmas!
-it is indeed right around the corner-- 
maybe this number overwhelms you by everything between now and then.
 but get ready- the most magical time of the year is coming.
i realize it's november 3- but december is - without a doubt- my favorite month of the year!
i woke up in greenville, south carolina saturday morning
to a blanket of snow on the ground- it was beautiful and oh so romantic.
 {photos coming soon- adore this little city- so much}
i just love living close to this adorable place
and having a childhood best friend there makes it even sweeter
along with several amazing friends that i have become very close with since 2008

i am always dreaming about fun wrapping paper, glitter, christmas shopping, cozy homes, delicious food, tinsel, advent ... this season is the most glorious of them all.

-the great christmas exchange-
Beth of Oak + Oats and Samantha of Elah Tree dreamed up a perfect way of celebrating the holidays with the great christmas exchange. this gift exchange is an opportunity to share in the season of giving and gift some special christmas goodies to a new friend.
the details:
 to be a part of the greatest christmas exchange around, jump on over to Beth or Samantha's blog to register! their posts include all of the details like the timeline, dollar amount, and logistics of the exchange but trust me you don't want to miss out.

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