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oh hey, friday | a bucket list

-for leaving our neighborhood- 
some of you know already
but we have about one month left in our current neighborhood
which we both love so much
although we are only moving three miles away,
we have grown to love our area of town
and love to walk to places
...so i decided to send this to mr. monaco a few months ago...
so far we are not doing too well with our bucket list...
we have only crossed off: tapas at soul {our favorite spot}, brunch at zada jane's,
and reading/blogging at starbuck's - so we have lots more to do!!
due to the weather/holidays, the picnic and cookout are probably out,
but we are trying to fit as much of the rest in that we can!

here are five things that i will miss most:

one: walking to everything: cafes, restaurants, bars, the grocery store, parks, bakeries, our friends' houses - we will miss all of this very much. but the space, storage, peacefulness {goodbye, evil train- we still miss our sweet pierre- all the time.} of our new place {which will be ours- and we love it.} will make up for it - and again, it's a three mile drive. it's just been fun being able to walk out the door and walk to places over the past three years. 
from our dinner at soul 
two: the beautiful streets- full of old trees and adorable bungalows
three: the eclectic and historic feel of the area
brunch at zada jane's
four: being able to walk to my yoga studio- i have loved being able to sling my mat over my back and walk to the studios in the area that i love- it's always refreshing to walk back home. 
five: leaving our first nest - we moved in about one month after getting married and rent from the best landlords, who have been awesome to us. 
we have loved every moment in this little yellow bungalow
-it has become very special to us-
in some ways- it is very hard to leave
and in others, this next journey is everything we have both dreamed of.
it's all so surreal.    

-cheers to having more than one bathroom-

and cheers to a road trip this weekend
hot tamales are packed
we are off to knoxville, tennessee after work today
to watch my cousin, ethan wolf, play football for the vols
excited to see my parents, brother, his girlfriend, my cousins, aunt, and uncle

any tailgating tips?

what team do you cheer for?

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    1. Thank you so much, Erin! We had a great time :) Hope your weekend went well too

  2. This is such a great list! I hope you accomplish them all!