here are a few of my favorite things - holiday love | olive june

here are a few of my favorite things - holiday love

holiday love

my holiday wish list this year is a new home
we plan to move six days before christmas day-
so that's our present.
so I decided to share an overview of some fashion and décor items that i love with you all:

- bright red lipstick
- my family knows this too well- but i love, love, love glitter for the holidays-
esp. when wrapping their gifts.
- absolutely loving winter white
- a lavender/light pink winter coat- yes, please!
-a fun kelly green party dress
- a white dipped christmas tree is a dream of mine
- where can i find this cute red car to take the white dipped christmas tree home to willow?
- our home is usually filled with gray, gold, white, and silver decorations- usually no red- it's just something i have grown to absolutely love - and lately, i am seeing it all over pinterest/blogs.

*are you more of a traditional holiday decorator or do you love the white, gold, silver tones?

what holiday fashion/décor inspires you?  

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thank you all for hosting this fantastic holiday


  1. That. green. dress. LOVE! I wanted a kelly green top to wear for our Christmas photos this year and couldn't find one anywhere! Wish I'd had that dress! As for Christmas decorating, I'm pretty traditional. I like silvers and golds and whites, but I also have to have some doesn't feel like Christmas without some red. My mom also gave me all my childhood ornaments, so the theme of our tree every year is basically "A trip down memory lane." Victor and I try to get an ornament from each new place we visit together, too, so it's fun to reminisce every Christmas when we put them on the tree.

    1. I know- I just love it! And most people love the red- I just love the white, gold, a little touch of green :) It feels romantic and christmasy to me! I am the odd ball - I LOVE the trip down memory lane - so amazing. Can't wait to see photos!!!

  2. I want gold everything too! lol. And that party dress is to die for! Love your choices!

    1. :) thank you so much! gold= the best. happy holidays to you Lindsey!

  3. I dream of that perfect Christmas dinner where I could wear such beautiful emerald green dress!

    1. Oh amazing is that dress! LOVE it. Hope you're well, Kasia!