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birthday wishes

today i send special birthday wishes north to my second mom…
we grew up next door to the most incredible family
a family who has always been there for us-
through thick and thin {literally}
a family who will always be there.
for they are our family.
every celebration, every death {even pets}, every new love, every heartache-
thank you for always being there when i needed you most.
thank you for treating me like your own daughter
for taking care of me when i was younger
for all of the meals, gifts, love, hugs, and kisses
for being a shoulder to cry on--
and for all of the times we laughed until we cried.
for the christmas open houses, the pool parties, the boat rides on the lake, the special mexican fiesta when i moved south
for all the countless memories together-
your smile and your outlook on life are contagious
always happy and always loving-
thank you for always being a second mom to me.
wishing you the best day today
on your special day
and many more to come…
i love you, barb.

cheers to you! and your lucky #13!!

to special friendships 
--twenty seven years and counting--
i love you all - with all my heart.


  1. that's seriously awesome how close y'alll's families are.

    1. Hi April- thank you- seriously is a blessing! Hope you're well and thank you for stopping in… have a great weekend!