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gratitude project {volume one}

simply love
hi! welcome to the first month of my new gratitude project- so very excited to have you here! here is a re-cap of my vision for the project: i read once that the key to living a happy and fulfilled life is to reflect and to show gratitude. so i told myself that i would take in moments throughout my day and would document these moments through photos. it really amazed me how i started to notice things that i never would have noticed before. now i try to take at least one photo every day of something that i am grateful for. simple things that are ways to celebrate the good in my life - the everyday celebrations. i feel spiritually and physically stronger because of this task and would love to encourage you all to do the same-- to discover more about the power of gratitude in your life. our blogging community has also helped to inspire me to be more grateful. almost all of the bloggers i follow express gratitude regularly. 
…this got me thinking… 
what if we all come together near the end of each month {on the 29} and share our month through photos- sharing the simple moments where we took a step back and were grateful. i am hoping that this little project/link-up will bring strength, encouragement, and joy to others. i would love to see what inspires you most on a daily basis. 
i plan to use #simplylovegratitudeproject as a hashtag for the project. 
please join me-
 i would love to have you. 

next link-up will be monday, december 29

*i plan to feature certain blogs each month-
along with some giveaways for bloggers who join in on the fun*

november insta daily moments of gratitude:
a quiet morning in my classroom with pandora playing and kate/audrey mugs
a thursday afternoon at dean & deluca 
mr. monaco surprised me on a tuesday evening with a mini date to a favorite spot in town
bakersfield for guacamole, sangria, and tacos 
coffee time with my family in knoxville, tennessee last sunday morning
my childhood friends - my forever friends at a bar in our hometown 
a morning with mr. darcy
a beautiful thanksgiving day dinner with the monaco family 
a sunday morning of prayer, reflection, and blogging
mr. monaco- the sweetest man i know. 

you're next! 

please feel free to link-up between now and next saturday, december 6

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also linking up with sweet emily over at ember gray
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i hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday!


  1. I love all of your pictures that go along with these things! How are you liking Sunday Suppers? Have you cooked anything from it yet?

    1. thank you so much again!! And i love Sunday Suppers- it's beautiful but I haven't been able to make anything yet- I will def. post if I do!! xo

  2. Those macrons!
    I absolutely love this idea of a gratitude project. I'm so excited to join in!!

    1. Awe, yay! I would love for you to join me!! Hope your week is going well - xo

  3. So much to be thankful for! I love this idea. I may have to join next month. Guacamole and drinks sounds like the perfect date night.:)

    1. So much :) Hope you're well and thank you - I would LOVE for you to join me, sweet girl!! xo

  4. Lovely photos! I'm desperate for a night out with good gauc and margaritas. Taking my hubby to my favorite Mexican place in NYC in a few weeks so we'll get some of that crossed off (margaritas will have to wait until baby arrives, ha)!
    You do Christmas crackers on Thanksgiving too?? I definitely thought we were the only people who do that!! :)

    1. :) Hi Rebecca- thank you for the sweet note. Mexican is always a good idea and yes we do!! yay! xo

  5. This is such a great idea!! :) I'm always looking for ways to showcase gratefulness! I can't wait to participate this month! :)