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essentials for staying healthy...

today i am linking up with the talented kiki over at the blog, in its time
for her montly link-up, the circle
she is a creative and beautiful writer and i simply adore her blog
i am a huge believer in food/good nutrition being our natural medicine
-along with some sun salutations in your life-
and monthly trips to the chiropractor
as i mentioned on monday, i really need to stay healthy during our upcoming move/the holiday season
here are a few essentials that i believe in for fighting
 the common cold/staying as healthy as possible:
 i used to get sick often but have started to try remedies to build and strengthen my immune system, which seem to be helping. in fact, i rarely get sick now.
  • fluid intake: i am the teacher at my school, who is known for drinking LOTS of water and i usually have a student every year who loves to fill up my water cup constantly- without even asking. i usually treat this students at the end of the year and surprise them with a fun water cup, as a thank you. water is my favorite drink in the world; i love it and i crave it all the time. rumor has it, that's a clear sign of being dehydrated? yet i am constantly taking it in... i think i have my mom to thank for this- you usually never find her without water by her side. so i am going to try and take in even more than i usually do in the next few weeks!
  • increasing vitamin c intake: my family also swears by emergen-c and we drink it often- especially when we start to feel run down. it contains around 1,000 mg of vitamin c in one serving and i enjoy the flavors - esp. super orange. 
  • smoothies/fresh juice: i try to drink at least one a day to boost my immune system and to fill my body with kale, spinach, oranges, berries, beets, carrots, etc. my aunts gave me a juicer at my bridal shower and i love it.
  • herbs: the following five herbs have been proven to be effective for staying healthy: thyme, licorice root, garlic, echinaceas, and elderberry extract  
  • rest. anyone who knows me well, knows this is very hard for me; however, i have been trying really hard to go to bed earlier {mr. monaco and i are hardcore night owls} and i having been trying to relax versus constantly heading out to socialize/get errands completed-- basically, run around like a constant mad woman. so relaxing at home- just a little bit more- this has been nice. {but wait, i have social plans the next four nights and he surprised me tonight with a mini date {so sweet- he even opened the car doors for me} to the delicious bakersfield for tacos, guac, sangria, and class country music soon this time will be needed for packing packing and packing. so going to try and relax when i can throughout the process. as you can see already- we will see how this goes - esp. in december. 
  • let's not forget- hot yoga: my practice has been life-changing- for every aspect- of my life.

any other advice you have?
i would love to hear it...
... again, wish me luck!
it's such an exciting time.


  1. these are all so good and so essential ;)
    i've been tempted to try hot yoga but i've heard interesting things about it - especially the copious amounts of sweat haha!
    I hope you stay healthy for your move!
    Stopping by from In Its Time Circle Link up!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much :) I really appreciate you stopping in and you should try hot yoga- it's absolutely amazing in so many ways! Thank you so much for stopping in! xo

  2. Oh, definitely need to be doing all of these things... my little guy keeps picking up colds and giving them to me.

  3. Ooh, so many great things in this list! I definitely know the need to hydrate as a teacher. It can be hard, but I've found that cute travel (and insulated!) travel mugs/waterbottles help a lot. :) But I also know that I need to drink WAY more!

    And I also agree with you on smoothies--green smoothies have been my go-to breakfast since this summer and I can't do without them now. They're so good!

    And rest. DEFINITELY need that in my life! I purposefully go to bed as early as I can because I need my sleep!

    Thanks for linking up! I loved reading your list!

    p.s. I'd love to hear more about your experience/thoughts on hot yoga! I've taken two yoga classes before and do Blogilates on my own now and have heard of hot yoga but am a little scared (to be honest!) to try it out!

    1. You are welcome- thank you for hosting! :) Thank you for your sweet comment and for stopping in! Love The Circle. I did a 40 day challenge on here in Feb 2013 - but have been doing it for six years and have loved every second of my practice/I def. recommend trying!

  4. A run always makes my mind feel more settled and keeps my body feeling good.

    1. Yes :) I totally agree! Thank you so much for stopping in- I really appreciate it!

  5. I love those emergen-c packets! It's amazing that it's so good for you and that it tastes so good! Sometimes I pour a packet into a smoothie.... double winning!

    1. Love them- and yes, love the taste too! Thank you for stopping in- I really appreciate it!

  6. Great tips for staying healthy!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela and thank you for stopping in!

  7. You came up with a great list! My friends and family are in awe of how much water I am always drinking too. :) It's my beverage of choice and I drink a lot of it. And rest...Ever since I turned 20 (four years ago), I've found that I've needed a lot more rest. I'm grateful to be a great sleeper because I almost always get the rest that I need!

    How do you take/eat your herbs? I'm interested to know more about that!