the monacos move - our first home {weeks seven-nine} | olive june

the monacos move - our first home {weeks seven-nine}

we didn't get to pick the outside design and color scheme of our future home
but we both love, love, love the gray and white- with a touch of tan
it matches our vision for the inside so well.
the columns aren't done/the right color yet
overall, we are so excited and are loving all of it- can't wait. 

our neighbors and being silly with mr. monaco 
october 9- insulation 
...weeks eight and nine brought siding and drywall…
our city view + more neighbors 
kitchen and pantry 
kitchen and dining room 

study and outside view 
willow inspirations:


  1. Ahhh! Can't wait to see what you do decorate this darling place!!! So exciting for you guys. :)