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rest in peace, sweet boy

we lost our nine year old himalayan cat, pierre, who we loved so dearly, on sunday, october 5, 2014

my husband found him on the railroad track in front of our home- devastating.

he was an indoor cat and we have absolutely no idea how he got out or how this happened

i hate the way he went and i hate that my husband found him like that - my heart hurts.

however, we buried him in the backyard next to an angel that was already there- and we know that he will always be with us.

even though we are moving in two months- this was his home and he loved it here.

i never imagined that it would be this hard… he was like a son to us.

i have had him since i was 22 years old 

he went to college with me-- and was kicked out. {no pets and he was playing in the blinds one day}

he spent some time in cincinnati, some in columbus, loved staying with his grandparent's in loramie {while I studied in germany- they both loved him} and has been with me throughout my entire charlotte experience… he loved charlotte.

he knew when i was sick, when i was hurt, when i was lonely- when i sad- he would always come near me and cuddle/purr.

we were so attached to him.

my husband is very allergic to cats- but wasn't to pierre- like almost everyone else who normally is allergic to cats - no one ever was.

he was loving, so sweet, affectionate and beautiful.

the cat i always dreamed of as a little girl: yes, i was def. one of those- a real big cat freak. #noshame

please pray that we can find peace- we miss him so much already.

and esp. pray for my husband- again, the way he found him was so traumatic

yet, he was so strong and i have been SO proud of him- so proud.

i am thankful that he had the courage to be strong that day- when i wasn't.
and that he gave him the proper burial he deserved. he loved pierre lots- they were buds. pierre never cared that he loved to watch the same movies over and over- he would always lie on him every night and would purr.

we have received hundreds of messages, calls, texts, emails, poems, wine, flowers, cards… thank you.

right now, it's hearing the train coming and the basic routines we always had with him- he literally was always by our sides- that is so hard right now.

like right now- he would be lying in my lap while i blogged. he loved to blog too. 
i am glad that i am flying out to st. louis today for the wedding festivities- so ready for some HAPPINESS. it's going to be a special and wonderful week with family and friends- celebrating true love.
i came home yesterday to this special treat from very, very dear friends …

after being greeted by pierre for nine years- i needed this. 

meant the world to me. 

thank you, dull family- he loved you all too. 
we will always remember you and your cuddles most
hanging out with us every night 
and greeting us in the morning
you were the perfect cat- 
the best. 
we will never forget you. 
and i am sorry for not protecting you better.
rest in peace, sweet boy

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