pumpkins- white is the new orange? | olive june

pumpkins- white is the new orange?

enjoying my new fall hair and a pumpkin coffee
*knitted wrap available on etsy - here*
settling down with a blanket, candle, and the honey trees pandora station
for a nice evening of last minute wedding planning for my sister and bassey's big day
on october 11 
after the wedding, 
i hope to attempt some homemade french onion soup
this recipe caught my eye:

i wouldn't say i am a traditional holiday decorator! 
at christmas- i usually don't put up anything red
instead, i dig anything gold, white, green, or gray
and for autumn/halloween
i am all about white and gold 

loving these decor inspirations: 
these are my FAVORITE. 
^i added these to my fall collection last year ^
what do you prefer for fall decor?

are you into the traditional decor or more modern?
-i just love my husband- 

he truly LOVES me and his constant kindness humbles me. 


  1. I'm in love with this post Nelle. Pumpkin spice is my fave, and I need that knitted wrap like NOW! So cute, is yours white? When I checked out the etsy site they didn't have a white option, but that is a great price! I'm all about white and gold decorations lately, too. I absolutely adore the pictures you put above.

    1. Thank you so much, Mary! I love it too- pumpkin everything. And isn't it cute? The seller I bought mine from isn't selling them at the moment so I put that shop up… maybe ask if she can do white? And yes, it's a little cheaper too- we both love a great SALE <3 White and gold are my loves as well. Thank you for stopping in and thank you again.

  2. I'm more of a traditional decor person although I do love the white pumpkins :)

    1. Thank you, Angie - traditional is good too! Hope you're well! <3